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Monday, September 22, 2008

Kevin's Quilt Project coming to an end!

Here is a "peek" at 3 of the Quilts, ready to deliver to the Kammerdiener Family. (mended wings blog)

The Quilt at the top left with the red back and yellow detail is for the sister, Breezy. The quilt in front of that is a lap or wheelchair size Quilt for Kevin and to the right is the largest Quilt, with the dark blue backing, the main Quilt for Kevin. The Mom's Quilt, Leslie, is still being finished in the State of Montana but will join the other's shortly! When I have all the Quilts, I will open them and take photo's for everyone to see these wonderful Quilts!

Again, Thanks to the ladies at the HGTV message board for making this happen!


Anonymous said...

It's just so lovely of you all to do that.

Holee said...

Thank you, but is just Mother's supporting another Mother. We all really enjoyed seeing this project come together.