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Friday, September 26, 2008

Self Righteous - The lastest word of anger

Okay, my blog is truly about me in this case, along with my love for quilting is the bare fact that I was a single Mom and still carry around issues because of what was once suppose to be my "better half".

Once again "anonymous" posted to the Kammerdiener Blog, mended wings. The statement referred to the Mother, Leslie, as self-righteous. Merriam Webster explains the word:

: convinced of one's own righteousness especially in contrast with the actions and beliefs of others : narrow-mindedly moralistic

I cannot find a group to put this word to other then terrorists or criminals such as murderers, child molester's or rapists. Single Mom's who have had to be 2 parents & one pay check, the healer, the protector, the cheering section, the teacher, the charactor builder, the nurse, housemaid, cook, consoler, and on and on and on...fall into their own catagory for which no one has come up with a label for as yet!

The Kammerdiener blog, Mended Wings, is not about the Dad who left behind 2 kids some 10 years ago. It's about Kevin the child of Leslie Kammerdiener, her life and that of her daughter Breezy. Again we have a mere sperm donor trying to present himself as a Dad. We also have a step-mom, for whatever reason, who thinks shipping off her slightly used second hand husband to stand beside the bed of Leslie's child turns him into the perfect father..all at the expense of the military.

The day this single Mom got the call about her son being blown up in Afghan her life changed forever. This is about HER and her daughter. The life she had on May 29th is gone forever. Her future is not that of a Mom who did her best to raise her kids alone and now will have her middle years and older years to enjoy. NO, it's about a Mother who will most likely always have to raise her son and a sister who will be there if something happens to Mom. We pray that he will totally recover but the fact is when this happens to you, even if no one else thinks ahead, you have too.

This father did not follow through with his committment to his wife and children before, he won't do it now, especially if it might cost him something..and I'm not talking about just money, I'm talking about time. He's already made the worm statements.."I have to worm out of here because I have a family and job". Hey Isn't Kevin your second born child?

I was trying to think of what a "real" father would do if he could not be there and had to continue to work. Lets see, he could take over thinking for the future. Maybe look into a one story home for Kevin to return too and find resourses for making it into a handicapped haven. But, that would take a real man and in this case we have a part time man who allows his wife to do his talking & thinking for him.

It doesn't matter if "anonymous" is the step-mom or her supporters. She needs to get a life, take her wayward husband with her and gather her friends who have lost touch with the real situation and drag them along too. They ALL need to stay off of Leslie's blog.

And not to foget Breezy. Here is a young girl who has given up her life for her brother. She sits in a strange state with no friends to support her, takes over for her mother, cheers her brother on to make huge improvements. She posted, "This is my father" reply to anonymous. Can you see the torment this girl has had to live? She still shows him respect by calling him father all the while her insides are torn apart from the lack of him ever being that.

To conclude: It's wrong to put Kevin in the position where he is not able to respond as yet. It's wrong to put yourself in the face of a daughter who has 10 years of bad memories about you. It's wrong to take a free ride on the back of the military while pretending to be a father. It's wrong to not be a Man and step up to the plate and put your wife on notice to not post or allow her friends to post to the blog. You haven't done anything right in the past 14 years so now is the time to at last do the right thing...maybe GET LOST would help!


Anonymous said...

By the time I finished reading your comments I was on the floor laughing. I'm sure you didn't mean it to be funny, but you certainly have a great way with words. You were able to put into words what anyone who cares about Kevin was thinking. THANK YOU!!! You must be a wonderful caring lady. Thanks for sticking up for 3 people who don't need this kind of garbage in their lives right now. How sad that they even have to deal with this nonsense. Thanks again for putting our feelings into words.

Holee said...

This isn't my first post on the ugly subject of this poster. I wrote before under "forgive, not always possible". I wouldn't put these things on Leslie's blog but here it's my space and since I have such strong feelings about it I will say how I feel.

Maybe we all can chuckle a little just knowing he'll always be nothing but a joke.

Linda said...

Amen to your post! Breezy & Kevin & Leslie a truly blessed to have you as a friend!!
Keeping them in my thoughts & prayers!

everythingquilts said...

Amen, on that!!!You should be a writer. You put things in words so perfectly.

Lisa said...

Well said I'll never understand why they think they can come back in their childrens lives after many years of being gone... It take more then just a donation of sperm to being a father...
I know the woes of being a single mom...

Moe said...

Great Job.....again!!! You sure have a way with words! I Love it!!! This made my day!!!