Bee's Hive

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Six years later!

Today I finished one of the quilts. Many mistakes later it is finally done!  About 6 years ago a friend from Russia made a beautiful quilt she called The Flower Garden. She graciously said I could copy the quilt. The last time I worked on the quilt was when I was living in Texas in 2010.

My Amish friends told me not to worry about the mistakes. After a washing they would find a place to hide in the soft folds of the quilt...and they did!

  This is Roolen's beautiful quilt.

And this is mine.

I used points on my quilt.

One more large quilt to finish and then I'm done my life time of quilt making. I'll be doing piles of pot holders, purses and totes that I already have cut out and some lady pin cushion's.