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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fairy Tales & Gnomes

I have always been struck by Fairies, Elves and Gnomes. Of course, after a trip to Denmark, I became truely aware of their presence. Lately, with the help of Tom, his carvings and his neighbor's children, they have become a daily part of life again.

I know now that those around me have picked up on my love of Fairy Tales. Today, tisme, sent me a wonderful book! This will stop all my sewing for the next few days while I read every inch of it!

Tammy, this was a wonderful SURPRISE! There is nothing that I love more then having wonderful books that make me laugh and captures my imagination. With all these pictures, you know I'll have to make a mini Gnome Quilt now!

If you ever wanted to see the inside of a Gnomes home, here it is:

How old are Gomes? This book says there were "caveman" Gnomes.

And of course, long distance travel:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Russian Mini in progress

I am doing a swap with someone internationally. We decided on a theme of places we have vacationed or took a holiday at or places we would like to see. I am doing Russia with it's beautiful St. Basils and Matryoshka dolls.

I started with a photo of St. Basils

I added the dolls on a green background but didn't like it

I also wanted to add the Russian flag which is white, red & blue, but wasn't sure where to add it. I started by removing the dolls and putting them against a blue background. I made points of red and blue and added them to the seam, against the white background to represent the flag. Then the blue border.

I need to do a lot of handwork on St. Basils. It needs a lot of white and green. The "girls" need some additions also. I'm pretty happy with it at this point. I'm thinking I might quilt snowflakes into the white.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty writing paper

Today we are getting rain. I won't complain as long as it's not snow! I do think not having sunshine come in the windows is depressing. But don't ya know it, when the mail comes and it has something special in it, it seems to make sunshine where there isn't any!
Shogun, one of the gals from HGTV who is in my mini quilt swap sent me the nicest letter on the sweetest writing paper. She knows I love birds and there are birds on the top & bottom of this pretty paper. She also sent some wonderful fabric with a red design! Thanks Ali! It was a bright spot in my day.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More progress

I got the second little red log quilt finished all but tacking down the binding and sewing on the buttons. It's the same but a little different then the last one.

I also stuck with the string balloon quilt and am ready to embellish it.

This put a big dent in my to-do's. I am now ready to work on a private swap, 3 gifts need finishing, and kids pillow cases. I also managed to layer one Christmas quilt that has been sitting here for 3 years! Someone asked for the patterns on this quilt so while I had it out, I decided to put it on the - to finish pile. It turned out to be a good weekend!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Balloon String Quilt

This sounded like such a good idea when I decided to cut balloons into a string quilt. These 16 inches have given me nothing but grief, but I am almost there with only 8 half rows to finish and I will finish it. The ripper has been put to good use on this quiltie. I wanted it to look like balloons going over mountains, but it looks like a lake ended up in the middle, oh well.

Next the fun part will be embellishments. My second order of beads arrived yesterday so there are plenty of colors to pick from. YES, that is rays of SUNSHINE streaming across my last!

Friday, March 20, 2009


I was so happy when I got home yesterday and discovered my first sign of spring.

My happiness didn't last long. This morning I opened the door to this:

and this

What Robin in their right mind would even try to build a nest here in Western Pa.?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The World is still Good

If I watch too much news on TV or read to many news stories on line it becomes depressing and opens the old question of, "What is the World Coming too?"

Today I had 2 hours to think about this while I was on my way to the Pittsburgh Medical Center to see a special doctor.

I thought about the many people all over the world who are praying for little Rachel today who is having brain surgery in Washington, DC. Those who have been praying for Kevin,, a brain injured soldier and those praying for Little H. who is being treated for cancer in Florida.

My thoughts traveled to Tracy and her Dad Tom, who sent me a ton of fabric to make pillow cases for ConKerr Cancer for kids. I will be putting 2 of those pillow cases in the mail for little Rachel tomorrow.

I thought about Gina in Wales who is making quilts for injured hero's and the many women I know on HGTV who also make quilts for our hero's.

So many people working together all over the world to help people they don't know.

Then there are the random acts of kindness like Tom, who is giving his 2 little neighbor girls a wonderful time with his "unseen" knomes. The adventures of these littles ones are just to wonderful.

What got me thinking about all this was George, the fellow who drove me to the Medical Center today. Unusally this trip is done by my son but right now he is in the middle of a B52 project that just can't wait. After waiting since December for this appointment it looked like I might have to cancel it.

I decided to try the area on aging to see if they had transportation to the Medical Center since I have counted on them to take me shopping when my son was out of town. They matched me up with George. He isn't paid to do this although they pay him by the mile for the use of his car and gas. He cheerfully showed up in the dark morning hours, spent the day sitting in the hospital waiting room and held a great conversation all the way to Pittsburgh and back.

Looking beyond Fox News, the World is still good because it's made up of the Tracy's, Tom's, Gina's and Georges'. The people sewing for strangers, those who pray, neighbors who take the time to grow healthy imaginations in our children and those who send gifts to cheer up the sick children of the world.

I'm glad I lived long enough to be a part of the cyber world. To know so many good decent people who share the same values as I do. If I only had a list of stories in the News to go by, I would think the world was rotten, but I would be wrong.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Swap til you drop mini quilt exchange

Last week I sent out a little Japanese quilt to Karissa and today I got one from her in the mail. The colors are so soft and the little flowers just float off the quilt. She also sent a pretty note pad and a tiny pin cushion flower pot. It's just the right size for one of the doll houses! THANKS KARISSA!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You can read this story from the beginning by clicking on Children's story on the right side under "Labels"

Hattie leaves the cave #3

It had been a long winter in the cave for Hattie. The bear family slept most of the time. With Jake missing, Hattie felt very much alone. She was very happy one morning when Papa bear woke and announced it was time to leave the cave. Spring was arriving!

There had been a big change over the winter months. The babies had grown and were now almost as big as Hattie! She knew, once outside of the cave, her babies would be investigating their new world. She couldn’t be calling them baby anymore. If only Jake was with them he would have good names for the children. Hattie lacked imagination when it came to names. Finally she decided to call her daughter Sissy and her son Skipper. At least those names she could remember.

The bear family was going to walk back to the hollow tree with Hattie so she and the bunnies would have a safe trip. Hoping that no one had moved into the tree already, they set out for the river. Hattie knew this would be the first place Jake would look for them if he had made it through the winter.

It was a pleasant walk back to the river. The air was a bit nippy but the trees had buds on them. Green was beginning to peek through the brown of winter everywhere she looked. Hattie couldn’t help but think about her trip to the cave, carrying the babies, cold and exhausted. Her heart was jumping with the hope of finding Jake.

Finally they reached the river where the big hollow tree stood. Hattie felt so joyful to find it empty except for the hole being filled with leaves from the winter wind. The bear family said goodbye but promised to check in on Hattie soon. The rest of the day she spent cleaning out the tree and keeping track of Sissy and Skipper.

When the bunnies were asleep, Hattie began to think of all her responsibilities without Jake. There was so much to teach the children to keep them safe now that they were bigger and took off alone. Jake would have taught his children boundaries, the animals that were friends and those that were not, things not to eat, holes not to look in and the danger of the tempting river. It was a big job! Hattie drifted off to sleep thinking about the first lesson she would have to teach the next day.

Spring brought rain the next day. This would be good for a first day of learning. It would keep Sissy and Skipper inside and not distracted by the warm air outside the tree and the songs of the birds. The river was Hattie’s biggest concern. She started her lesson by telling the bunnies about animals they would see swimming in the river. She warned them that rabbits didn’t swim. They would get caught up in the currant and drown if they were to fall into the water. She could see she had struck a bit of fear into Sissy. Skipper was not listening to the warning. She only saw excitement in his eyes. How would she ever find a way to teach him fear?

The next morning when the rain had stopped and the sun was shining bright, Hattie walked the bunnies to the rivers edge. There they saw Mr. and Mrs. Duck watching their ducklings take a swim. Hattie explained that ducks have coated feathers that kept them afloat unlike a rabbit. She held onto Skipper and dunked his feet into the water. His fur flattened and stuck in between his toes. He could see his skin through the soggy fur. Hattie told him his whole body would look like that if he fell into the river. She also added that he wouldn’t get a chance to look at himself because the river would sweep him away very fast and drown him.

As the days passed, Hattie taught the children about the snake families and all the other wild animals she could think of to warn the children about. She taught them to not stick there heads in holes. Bad manners could get them more then an angry lashing from some animal that lived there.

One morning she looked out of the hollow tree and peered right into the eyes of the human’s cat. She grabbed her children and backed as far into the tree as possible. This was one animal she had forgotten to warn them about. It was a good thing that he was an old fat cat. He stuck his paw into the hole but his fat head wouldn’t fit. He tried very hard to claw them. Just as he was trying to push himself into the tree along came Mr. Raccoon. Hattie heard the hissing and growls from the two, each giving a warning to the other to stay away, but in the end, Mr. Raccoon was the victor and sent the cat running off towards home. She was very grateful that the raccoon had come along and watched out for her and the bunnies. Usually she would stay clear of him just like she would avoid the cat.

It was a hard job trying to keep up with the children all alone. By the end of the day Hattie was so tired she usually fell right to sleep. One night something was causing her to be restless. She thought she felt Sissy snuggling next to her. She opened her tired eyes just a slit. To her surprise a very tired and dirty Jake was beside her! Her heart danced with delight. She could see he had a hard journey, so she didn’t make a sound. She just fell back to sleep with a very content feeling having all of her family home.


Jakes Home Coming #4

Monday, March 16, 2009

One little mini almost finished

I only have to tack down the binding. I have one more. I'm going to try something in the border.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I'm about ready to quilt this little one. I think it looks peaceful and even with all the waste, I like it.

Friday, March 13, 2009


After my first class on paper piecing, I just about gave up. Not because it was hard to learn but because of the guilt over the waste of fabric. I have avoided any patterns that could not be sewn in the traditional way. Maybe an Old Dog can't learn new tricks.

I really like the Crane Peace Quilt and decided to try out a mini. The cranes can't be done without paper piecing...don't even ask how I know. I love the little birds, but I left the pile of waste on the floor to try and deal with the guilt. I'm afraid I can hear my Dad saying, "Waste not, want not." Considering the nations present condition, I don't know if I can put the waste aside. Maybe I'll try the freezer paper piecing next.

The waste from just 4 little birds

And the cute birds

I also added some rick rack to the red/turquoise mini. I like the rick rack but might change the border.

This is a horrible photo. I don't know why my camera takes reds so bad. These reds have patterns but you can't see it in the photo's. They aren't this harsh in color either. I'll try a different camera next time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

HGTV Swap Came!

This morning I was suffering from the 22 degree cold..again, which is just as bad as it can get for someone with RA. There is always a bright spot if you wait it out and look for the good in the day.
The mailman brought my Quiltie and surprises from my swap partner, Darlene. The color combo is great, includes the red I love so much! She also sent me wonderful Bee fabric and the prettiest hand crocheted doily..Red again! Thanks so much Darlene. I hope you join the mini swap again!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


A gal on the HGTV site got a group of ladies together to do Art Quilt Journal's. This is our first month to show our first quilt.

I decided to do fashion, sort of a Project Runway through the years.

As you can see, my Gibson Girl is caged..not only in her cage but in her corset.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Playing around with colors

I have always stayed with safe colors. Even though red is my favorite I only used it as an accent or with white.

The many blogs with so many idea's have pushed me to order fabric's I never would have looked at in the past. Old ways sometimes need an up grade. I found a quilt on blog that I just loved. Her Redwork Transformed is mostly red along with her mom's redwork and she added aqua with it.

Aqua or Turquoise are not fabric's I have on hand but I did have some strings in that color. I put together several of these mini's, all a little different. I need to do the redwork birds in the white squares. I'm not sure if I like it. Maybe I need more white or maybe less red. I'll try different reds in the next one, maybe with more white and see if that looks better. I'm enjoying the trip into a different world of color choices.

These are from needle crafter. Tammy, just open the photo and right click to save. I have used them for CQ.

Monday, March 9, 2009


No matter what happens to me each day, I always have something stacked up that I am working on that makes me feel so good. This year I came upon ConKerr Cancer, pillow cases for kids in hospitals who are getting Cancer treatments. They make me smile as I am making them. They make a sick child smile when they get them.

I asked blog land for help but so far, no one has stepped up and made any pillow cases, until today that is.

and her Dad,
sent me a very wonderful box today, stuffed full of great prints for kids of all ages. These I'll turn into pillow cases and add them to the 50 cases I already have, some made and some in the process of being sewn.

I have gotten some help with this project from other places I "live" on line at. Together I think we will hit 100 cases by half way through this year! I'm so proud of those who have helped out with this and want to say a special Thanks to Tracy and Tom for today's Super Great Mail!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Swap till you Drop...STUD Japanese quilt

I see by the tracking number this little Japanese quilt was delivered today so now I can post it. I did a lot of bead work on the ladies and flowers. I used gold metallic thread. Oops..forgot to take a photo of the back.

Mini Quilt Swap on HGTV

I am swap Mama for a mini quilt swap on HGTV. The swap is almost over with 24 little quilties to be swapped. I wish by now I had at least half of them to post together, but so far I only have 7 photo's of quilts that have been sent out.

Everyone got to tell their partner the colors they liked. I had 2 partners. One wanted only pastels, the other's favorite colors are light blue and white. It's been a lot of fun. We were able to get some new quilters to join in and try this out. I'll post the rest as they arrive at their new homes.

This beautiful quiltie was made by Shawana for a partner who faded into cyber space. It's her lose since this is a sweet quilt.

Made by Shawana

Made by Isuchomel for Nancy20
Made by Nancy20 for Irsuchomel

Made by KGinCA for Irish62

Made by Irish62 for KGinCA

Made by Nickilee for bluesnail

Made by bluesnail for Nickilee

Made by MyJack for tisme

Made by Tisme for MyJack

Made by Susarina for Shogun

Made by Shogun for Susarina

Made by abxKris for Missmikol

Made by Missmikol for abxKris

Made by EBGQ for quiltbea

Made by quiltbea for EGBQ

Made by everythingquilts for qltnrules

Made by qltnrules for everythingquilts

Made by Holee for lolmarsha

Made by lolMarsha for Holee

Made by Holee for DABADO

Made by DaBaDo for Holee

Made by AngelaC for Quiltnanny

Made by quiltnanny for AngelaC