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Monday, April 27, 2009

Barbie fashion Show #1

1950's rock & roll

The PJ's*******The pillow's & sleeping bag

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just to cute to not share

I am having so much fun with this little quiltie! Tom,, you will recognize where I got the Gnomes from. Thanks to Tammy,, I have that wonderful book she sent to copy from!

I have Gnomes and Gnome houses cut out all over the room. I started making one for a swap, then added one for me, and just because it's so cute, I decided to make 2 more just in case I need one someday for a gift. Each one is a little different because the book gave me too many idea's!

I have lots to add. Lots of embroidery, clothes in the basket and other embellishments, but what fun I am having! (Tomorrow I have to get back to Barbie stuff)

The idea came from, who is making a table runner. I also have a table runner cut out but knew I could cut it down to size for a mini quilt.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Working very hard without much that I can show

I was going cross eyed from working on Barbie's tiny clothing so I changed gears and started on the 3 mini's for my HGTV swap. I feel like I've done a ton of work without much that I can show but here is one of the mini's I started. It's much more put together then this photo, but that's the part I can't show.

This is made from a Moda Charm pack called, "Pack your bags". It looks big but each square is only 2 inches in size.

Now here's the scary part! This looks awful stacked in a pile, but the center is applique and it's really cute. I used a little of this and a little of that!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy in the land of mini fashion

When your mailbox fills up with, "Are you ok?", "What's wrong", "Where are you?", it's time to post!

I have been so busy with things that I can't post yet. I am living in the "tiny" world of fashion right now, trying to get a gift made for a special someone. I am working on 42 tiny pieces. Besides the outfits, there are handbags, totes, pillows, sleeping bag, back pack, hats, and a few other tiny items. I have made a dent in the outfits, but there will be a lot of embellishments in the future, velcro, bows, buttons, beads, ribbons, some leather items & some undies.

For now, I'll give you a peek so you know where I am and what I'm up too! model is missing her top, but I did make one!

We finished up the HGTV Mini swap with only one person failing to complete a quilt..shame on her! But that didn't darken the way. We have started our second mini swap with a theme of Summer. So far every quilter has checked in and have been posting about the quilt they will make. I expect the second round to have a 100% finish!

I sent off my DQ6 quiltie and am waiting for one to appear in my mailbox anytime now! I also sent off my private swap to Germany and am waiting for one to arrive from that partner. I also finished my Little Logs quiltie. I ordered something special to go with it and hope it arrives in time. Otherwise I'll just send off the quilt and she'll have an extra surprise coming.

This will be hard to see but I just love the way the quilting turned out on the Little Logs quilt. I used a feather wreath motif. Can't show the quilt yet, but this was a hard one to give away. I was able to order more of the fabric's so I will be making myself one.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One done out of 4 and 5 to go..huh??

I started with 4 mini's to make for swaps. Today I finished the first one but liked it so much I added myself to the list 4-1=3 plus 1 =4 Then I started another one, different design. When I got it laid out, I fell in love with it so I added myself to the list... 4+1 =5

I have two more designs to do. I hope I don't like them as much!

I can't post the little quiltie yet, but here is a sneak peek. This is for a "Lovely little log swap", that Tracy is having, My partner
had to give me a "not expected" fabric for the center of the block..the red with the white dot.

I went over the 24 inch size by 3 inches because of the border fabric that had to be fancy cut. (you can see it in the background) There was no way to cut down the size. Oh well, sometimes that happens.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Little Crane Quilt found a home

My Partner in Doll Quilt swap 6 got her quilt from me today. She has her own published mini quilt book ,, so I was really concerned I wouldn't make the grade. But, She likes it, and that really makes me happy.

She also likes Japanese fabrics so I sent her a Moda 9 charm pack, all pretty Japanese designs.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flag Day Farm, little logs

I had to get away from the household problems so I opened my charm packs of Moda Flag Day Farm. I have 4 mini's to make by July for swaps. I love this fabric. I bought some yardage to go with it and a special fabric also.

The charm packs are short on red fabric so I'm adding from my stash. I bought several different designs in charm packs and yardage to go with them. Some of the colors are way out of my comfort zone. I thought this was a good way to force myself into other colors rather then traditional colors. The next packs I'll open will be "Pack your bags."

United States Lawyers live in a gold mine

This morning we found out just why American Lawyers are living in a gold mine. Our insurance company, Progressive, said they have nothing to do with "our accident" since our car was parked and not occupied at the time.

Now it's all up to "The Hartford" insurance company, the insurance of the "other guy" to do the right thing. Of course, they won't, not until we hire a lawyer today.

Early this morning we got an email stating our car was totaled and it is OUR responsibility to notify the garage to release it for junk or WE will have to pay the bill for storage.

They also told us they are having the rental car picked up at my son's work at noon today. Since our car will not be in the shop being repaired, they aren't responsible for us having a car. They will be happy to help us find a low price rental at OUR expense.

WHAT????????? ARE THEY KIDDING?????????

I wasn't happy when they sent a rental car that was not handicapped. It was Easter weekend and without a handicapped van, I couldn't go to Church or visit my grandchildren. It also would keep me from going to the HGTV retreat and meeting my on line friends. But this is just rediculous!

Now I am really angry. Our street is one block long. The only reason for anyone to go down our street is if they live here, or if they need to park in the Court House EMPLOYEE parking lot across the street from our house. If I told a police officer that I was driving under the influence of heavy medicine, I would have been arrested for driving under the influence. I suspect this old lady works at the Court House. I'm sure the first words out of her mouth to the police was, "I work at the Court House". She wasn't arrested.

Another fact that we just learned was that HER car frame was broken. That says a lot. She must have passed out somewhere down the street, had her foot on the gas to the floor and built up enough speed to hit so hard that she broke the frame. It's a good thing the kids weren't standing outside waiting for the school bus.

Looks like WE need to hire a lawyer before days end!

A little push from a lawyer friend and we have the rental until the 21st.

Monday, April 13, 2009

One little Russian Quilt

Just need to hand tack the binding down and this will be on it's way to my international partner along with the little apron.

Snow Flakes


Sunday, April 12, 2009

One little Apron

My international swap partner has a little girl. When I saw this apron pattern,, I knew I had to make it someday. I just didn't know who to make it for. Seeing that my partner had a sweet little girl, I knew this was my chance to make it. She isn't quite old enough to help in the kitchen, but it won't be long.

The reverse side of the apron
The heart buckle on the neck strap


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jake's Big Decision, a Children's Story

Jake’s Big Decision #5

Winter in the cave was wonderful. When the bears were sleeping, Jake spent a lot of time telling and retelling his family about his adventure at the human’s farm. When the bear family was awake they enjoyed Papa bears story about his encounter with the human’s one hunting season. All the children liked the part of his story when he rose up on his hind legs and scared off all the human men and their yapping little dog. Skipper and Sissy were getting a picture of fear of the humans and of their fathers’ safety in the human’s cage.

It didn’t seem long this year until Papa bear woke and told everyone it was time to leave the cave. Saying goodbye to Skipper and Sissy was very hard but it was time for them to start a new life. Once again the bears walked Hattie and Jake back to the hollow tree and again they found it empty. Jake and Hattie would be alone now, but the bear family and the children promised to return soon for a mid summer reunion.

Jake took Hattie for short walks along the river. Mostly they stayed close to the hollow tree. They were getting old now. Jake was not looking forward to winter but he hoped they would be invited back to the cave. Digging a winter home would be very difficult for him now.

Summer was usually wonderful. Food was plentiful and fresh greens were especially tasty. But this year, Hattie was finding the chore of picking the daily meal almost too much for her. Skipper and Sissy came home several times that summer. With them came their new mates and a lot of excitement. Jake was especially glad to see them after missing one entire winter of their lives. The Bears also stopped by to visit one day. As in the past, they invited the rabbits to join them in the cave for the winter. The younger bear was not yet ready to leave home like the bunnies had, so he would also spend the winter in the cave again. He had grown this summer and was almost the same size as his mother.

Soon the berries were gone from the bushes and leaves started to fall off the trees. It was time to go back to the cave for the winter. As Jake watched his wife struggle to provide meals each day, he thought ahead for the next year to come, the next summer when they would be even older. He had an idea, one that he wasn’t sure Hattie would like. He had put off talking to her about it long enough. Now it was time.

One afternoon when they were sitting by the river enjoying the smell of honeysuckle, he told Hattie that he had been thinking a lot about old Ben and the human’s farm. He now realized why Ben didn’t mind his freedom being taken away. He was happy and well cared for by the human children. Jake told Hattie he feared they wouldn’t be able to care for themselves by next summer. He thought it might not be so bad living on the human’s farm.

Hattie was certainly surprised by Jakes’ suggestion! Of course, she hadn’t seen the farm or the kind way Ben had been treated. She only had fear to judge the suggestion with. Jake didn’t mention it again. He allowed Hattie to think about it. He did remind her of all the things they had learned about fear and how they had been wrong.

One morning Hattie surprised Jake. She was ready to head to the farm. She was ready to be caged up and taken care of by the human children. It was a sunny day. She didn’t want to face traveling in the rain and mud like Jake had. It was time to leave the hollow tree.

They had all day to make it to the farm. They stopped often to rest, finding a bush or log to hide in. Soon Jake saw the fence to the pasture and the roof of the barn off in a distance. Since it was late in the day, the cows had already been taken to the barn so making it across the pasture would be easy. The door to the barn was standing open so they hopped in and hid behind the hay. After filling themselves with the fresh hay, they both fell fast asleep.

When Jake woke up it was already starting to get light outside. He began to look for the trap. Hattie followed close behind. As he turned into the horses stable, there it was with a juicy red apple sitting inside. Jake entered the cage half way, keeping the door from snapping shut. Once Hattie was inside, he hopped the rest of the way in. The door closed with a snap. This time he wasn’t shaking. He and Hattie enjoyed every bit of the apple.

Just as Jake had promised, the barn door opened and in came the human children. They had grown but they were just as excited as Jake remembered when they saw the trap filled with two rabbits.

The human father carried the trap out to the cage that Jake had once occupied. He gently tilted it until Hattie and Jake had slid into their new home. Soon the children had filled the cage with a water bottle and fresh food, just as they had before. When all the excitement was over, old Ben poked his head out of his hole. He was very surprised to see Jake. Hattie hopped in and out of the box several times getting use to it, nibbled at the food and enjoyed listening to Jake telling the story to Ben.

Winter set in quickly. Hattie was happy with her new home and the human children coming to visit each day. They were warm and safe. They didn’t have to worry about taking care of themselves anymore. They had exchanged their freedom for the comfort the humans gave and the company of old Ben.

The End

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If you have read my last 2 posts, then you know this is not a good week for me. I don't know how I made it through yesterday only to wake up to the car accident. When you are old and sickly, these kind of things make you shake from the inside out. I was headed for bed but thought I'd check the mail first.
I have been saved by Tom,, and not any too soon either! I have always relied on imagination and the world of make believe to get me through life's hard times. Tom sent me the most adorable Fairy fabric today. It made me smile! And that's a good thing considering the down slide I've been on.

I just bought some Kona solid pink so this will make a beautiful pillow with ruffles & lace trim for in my sewing room which I might be able to re-open next week. I've had it closed for the winter because of the cold. Along with this pillow will go the one made by Donna,, a very good match.

THANK YOU TOM! Without this surprise, I would be in bed..trying to avoid the rest of the week. Instead, I pulled out my art project for April and I'll finish it today.

(good I took this photo, the pole needs to be moved)

Up Date...Finished


I was just putting on coffee this morning when I heard a bang and then scrapping. I had avoided looking out the window because I didn't want to see the snow. It sounded to me like the snow plow blade being lowered and snow being pushed down the street.

Then someone knocked at the door. The police station is across the street so it didn't surprise me to see a policeman standing on the porch. "Do you have a blue Chevy Blazer", he asked. I looked over his shoulder to point to our blue blazer, but it wasn't there.

Instead, the police car was pulled into the spot it had been sitting when we went to bed last night. I followed the tire track in the snow. Our Blazer was sitting about 100 feet up the street on the sidewalk.

By this time my son was out of the shower and on the porch with us. The policeman told us it was hit by an older woman who stated she was on "heavy" medicine and thinks she fell asleep.

Why do OLD PEOPLE drive when they know they shouldn't? I'm old and on medicine. My van sits in the garage. We didn't even get it inspected this year. Yes, it is so inconvenient, but so is killing someone or keeping young people from driving to work because you totaled their car. How selfish of OLD PEOPLE to ignore FACTS. Being on medicine a doctor gave you is no different then drinking until your drunk and getting behind the wheel of a car.

The OLD LADIES husband arrived on the scene and walked over to me grinning..GRINNING, for what? I said to him, "I see your wife isn't asleep anymore. I hope they take her license." He stopped grinning. Then he said, "But, she's on medicine, it's not her fault." I lost it. I'm afraid I raised my voice. "WELL THEN", I said, "IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR LETTING HER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL."

The officer then told us that "SHE" would have to retake the driving test and have a statement from her doctor that she can drive while taking her medicine. I already know a doctor will not put that in writing. That would make him responsible for her NEXT accident. So, at least one OLD LADY is off the road this morning and won't be out there KILLING anyone.

When the tow truck came, we took a look at her car. Funny how the one who does the damage usually drives away, while the innocent person is left without a car.

Her car can be fixed. While our car will be junked. She won't be able to drive if the officer has anything to do with it (Thank you Officer!), while my son will have to purchase a new car to get to work.

Yep, I'm angry.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today my son Mark would have been 39 years old if his life had not been snuffed out by someone else.

A Birthday Remembered

Remembered on this, your day
My son, you are not far away
For in my heart I hold your smile
I'll join you in a little while
Until then my son, I hold you near
With wonderful memories from each year.

Marks laugh is gone from our ears but lives in our hearts
I try to cover each feeling of anger with Marks smile
which was so much a part of his personality that it can't fade away.

My son waits for me in safe hands and in peace
I miss you Mark ~ It won't be long ~ Love Mom.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


When I lived in Lancaster, Pa., 4 years ago, we lived on a farmette. I guess you would call it a tiny farm. One of the things I miss is sitting all night in the barn waiting for the chicks to hatch.

I thought since Easter is a week away I'd show you the miracle I use to be able to watch. I spent many nights in the barn watching our chicks hatch. The first sign would be a tiny hole in the egg.

As the day went on, the chick would peck around the top of the egg until he had pecked a full circle and had broken it free, like a cap.

It took hours for him to get to this stage of hatching.

The chicks were not pretty when they finally got most of the way out. They were exhausted from the fight and usually just stopped once they had gotten most of the way out.

After resting for some time, the fight was on to free it's self from the egg shell.

Once free, he was put into a warmer. If there were other chicks in the warmer that were up and walking around, they would huddle around the chick to warm him.

Sometimes we had baby quail that were only half the size of the chickens, but if they were a day or two older, they did the natural thing and took care of the newborn chick.

Soon the chick would dry and fluff and be up eating and drinking.

Newborn quail

I miss living in Lancaster. I miss the farmette, the huge vegetable garden I had, the experience of seeing new life, the Amish families. Lancaster was home. There is nothing worse then living where it's not home. Home is where the heart heart is in Lancaster.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeling pretty Special

What a horrible past 2 days I've had! Cold, rain, headache! To top it off this morning I discovered the pot of sauce and meatballs I spent 3 hours cooking yesterday was still sitting on the stove. Tonights dinner is in the trash and I'm stumped for what to make now.

That sort of tells me that when I am feeling sick I should just go to bed!

Yesterday also brought the grumpy mailman to my door complaining about all the packages he has to deliver to my house. The problem here is I am just about the only person with a computer. It's an old town with old ideas. When I mentioned the computer to my neighbor, she told me she wouldn't have one of those evil things in her house.

So, my 3 day mail sat at the post office until today because the poor guy couldn't carry it all. I did tell him that just about everything I buy comes from the computer so he might as well find a way to deal with it now.

Today my mail was delivered and what a surprise was waiting for me inside the box! I have no idea why I would deserve these treats that Donna keeps sending me. I love my little quilt she sent and now this pillow with hand embroidery. You would think she had nothing to do! But she is busy getting ready for a retreat and made 70 gifts for the ladies. So again, One Big Thank You Donna! You just amaze me!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Jakes Home Coming #4

Once Jake was on the ground he knew he had to be very careful or he could find himself locked up again in one of the human’s traps. He carefully made his way through the fence and across the pasture. This time the cows were in the barn, making it an easy trip. Once Jake was under the pasture fence he looked for a safe place to sleep until morning. Now that the snows had melted he found a hollowed out log and crawled inside.

Jake woke to a thunderstorm. It didn’t matter to him, he was going to make it to the river and find Hattie before night fall. It was a hard trip. Just the mud he was carrying on his feet made him tire easily. He stopped many times to rest. The only good thing about the trip was the rain was keeping other animals inside. He worried less about running into danger.

By the time Jake finally reached the old hollowed out tree he was muddy and exhausted. He poked his head inside. To his delight his family was safe and sleeping. He lay down along side of Hattie and fell into a deep sleep for the first time since he had left his family in the late winter.

Morning was such a happy time. Jake had to get use to bunnies that had doubled in size and now had names he had to remember. They took a long walk along the river’s edge so Jake could clean himself up. All day was spent sharing the stories of the winter that had just past. Jake was surprised to learn of the bear families kindness and Hattie was just as surprised to hear about the humans and old Ben.

It turned out to be a wonderful summer. Jake taught the bunnies so many things, knowing they would be leaving the next time summer came around. One more year and the bunnies would be adults, ready to make homes of their own. He worried about Skippers unwise choices. He was always poking around places that were not safe, no matter how many times Jake & Hattie had warned him.

One morning the Bear family came to visit. They were enjoying sharing the day when all of a sudden the birds in the trees began to shout, Sissy came running for Jake and all the other animal neighbors came out to see what the racket was.

They all ran to the rivers edge where baby bear was laying on his belly, hanging onto the branch of a bush half way down the river bank. When Jake peered over the edge of the bank he saw Skipper dangling by his one leg just inches from the waters swift flow. Papa bear pulled his son to safety and tried to climb down the bank to rescue Skipper but he was just too big and heavy. With each step he sent rocks flying down towards the screaming rabbit.

Just then the king of snakes slinked down the rocks and onto the limb of the dead tree where Skipper hung shaking, as drops of river water splashed onto him. Hattie couldn’t look. Surely Skipper would end up in the mouth of the river or the mouth of King snake. Everyone ran for cover leaving the rabbits and bears to look on helplessly.

Mr. Snake had something else in mind for Skipper. He wrapped himself around the rabbit and dragged him along the branch, pulling him up the bank and dropping him at the feet of his father. Without a sound, he skittered away into the grass.

Hattie was so shocked she stood in silence, forgetting that skipper lay on the ground exhausted from his adventure. Papa bear picked Skipper up and gave him a good shake to make sure he was alive while Jake hopped off trying to find the snake in the grass to thank him.

Night was beginning to fall so the bears left for home. Skipper was put to bed knowing his punishment would come in the morning. Jake didn’t find King snake to thank him and he was still in shock from the days happenings when he lay down to go to sleep.

The rest of the summer Skipper spent playing outside the tree where he could be seen by Hattie. It wasn’t much of a punishment because Skipper was now so fearful of the river that he wouldn’t go near it even when Jake was with him. He did have a lot of questions about Mr. Snake. Questions that Jake and Hattie were having trouble answering.

Jake knew the snakes were not his friends on a regular day but he was beginning to understand that there were times when his worse enemy could be counted on to help him. He thought he had learned everything but this past year had taught him some new things, good things about his neighbors, and even the humans.

There were already signs of fall. Leaves were drying out and mornings had a chill in them. This year Jake wouldn’t be making the same mistake of the past. He wouldn’t need to leave and find a winter home. The bears had invited them to share the cave again. Jake was very grateful that he didn’t have to dig a hole even with the help of Skipper. Jake and Hattie were beginning to feel age coming on them. It would be a good winter with the bears protecting them in the dry cave and this year they would all be together.

Hattie was ready to spend this last season with her children. She would be sure to make them ready to build their own families. Sissy had become a little beauty this summer. Her tan fur had streaks of gold in it. Skipper’s river experience had tamed his adventurous nature. Hattie knew she and Jake would be alone next summer, growing old together. She knew how special that was remembering only last winter when she thought she might never see Jake again.

But for now it was time to get ready to meet up with their friends and just enjoy what winter would bring.

Jake’s Big Decision #5