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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Just want to say that I don't think you are getting my emails. The Mail Demon keeps sending them to my spam folder....I just wanted to say have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 21, 2015

To All a Good Night!

Just wanted to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!  

Monday, December 14, 2015

Coming down the other side of the mountain

Busy, busy!  Still working on the 2 quilts but making progress.  We expanded the train platform and added so many new things to it, a Ferris Wheel, ice skating pond, mountains...just too many things to tell you about. I should be able to get it together enough to enjoy this year but my son will have many things to add to in the future. Right now the sewing room and kitchen are a mess!!

Sewing room. Adding the lace to  quilt #2.
 New houses being assembled on foam board

 New expanded platform and flowers for the office and me
 Houses are the background to the German Christmas Market. I still need sidewalks, town tree and market stands. I'm hoping to get that much done today.

I'm trying not to be in a race for time but the truth is showing it's nasty head. I think I have made that trip to the top of the mountain, was given so many extra days to enjoy my family. But, I'm getting signs that the end is near, my ability to do things is coming to an end. I think the next 5 days will be putting this all together, having the trains running on the tracks and having one quilt under the needle getting quilted.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving so everyone is coming back for Christmas.  That too has changed. My son had an attack. Tomorrow he'll be having surgery for a stomach ulcer. That changes the menu! I haven't put that together entirely but I'm hoping for on line help from all the best cooks! For the past week he's only eaten cereal so he's looking forward to this dinner.

That's what's happening at the Gibson home this season....hope everyone is also getting their holiday together!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Too many iron's in the pot

It's a good thing we are having Thanksgiving on Saturday because my grandson has to work Thanksgiving and black Friday.  I have so many things started...just started!  The kitchen table is so loaded down with train items I don't know where to go with them so we can eat!

The new enlarged train platform is finally done but not up and running yet.

The quilt...well it's moving along...slowly

I have 10 more blocks to put the green vine around by machine. Then I'll hand embroider the flowers over it, layer it and quilt it.  I also have the flower garden to quilt.

I found my Santa Bank from the 1940's. They use to give them to kids who started a bank account.

Our little tree is sort of up. The plug is broken so I have to pick up a new one.

I also found my wooden carved doll. She's waiting up for Santa with her bowl of cookies. Also my toy box music box that my son Mark bought for me one year.

Tomorrow I'll start the cooking. First will be the cookies and candy.

Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food and the company!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alive and fighting the fight!

Oh my, life is so joyous and while living it for the past 70 years, I forgot many times to enjoy it and look past myself.

It's funny how people view death. I have some really nice clothing. I told my friend, who is the same size, where to find my summer clothing and where I'd put my winter clothing so she would know where to find them when I'm gone....OH, I can't do that she said. Tears came to her eyes and she continued to protest against taking and wearing my things.  Okay I said, then when you walk past some stranger in Wal mart who is wearing my Bob Mackie jacket, you won't feel bad or have the memory of the day I bought it and we both gasped at the price?  She continued to stumble through some mild protests and then said she won't let that happen. You're right, I would be very sick to see anyone wearing your clothing who didn't love you.  Made me laugh!

Then there is the Spanish driver who takes me to my doctor appointments. He calls me Mom and when I lost my hair he pointed out to all the nurses how much we looked like twins...mother and son with his own bald head. I don't have to do any crying because Rafael does it all for me. He takes care of me like I was a baby so my own son never has to worry about me when I'm with Rafael.

These people who are so important to me were always here but I forgot to stop and look at them and enjoy them.

I've been fighting the fight with these quilts! Finally today I have both of them layered and ready for quilting.  Well one of them has a lot of embroidery to go through first but at least I am no longer ripping stitches from the top section! Everything is a mess right now but soon I should have something to post.

We are working on the train platform. I am turning it into a German Christmas Market. That means lots of plaster and an imagination as I go along. We had to expand the size so the Merry go round and Ferris Wheel  would fit along with the houses and the market stands. Fun, Fun...and Fun  Of course the living room sofa is almost sitting in the kitchen!

I'm going to try for photo's by next weekend but that might not happen. I'm having a dozen relatives for Thanksgiving dinner and a sleep-over. It's also my grandson's birthday. So in between the quilts and trains I'll be cooking ahead so it's not so hard on Thanksgiving.

This is a German Christmas Market.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Attention Rita

Looks like I can't send you email. It keeps getting knocked back by the Mail Demon. I had sent you a few photo's to ask you about them and if you liked the items enough for me to send them....Can you try and send me an email and see if it goes through. I might have to have Dave look at my security or something.  Thanks

Friday, October 30, 2015

Look's like I'll see Thanksgiving!

Sorry Rita, I forget to post when I'm feeling good and busy.  First my son bought a new truck. We went to Pittsburgh to see the RA doctor. The ride was great, so much room and comfort built in.

I've been working on the 2 quilts. One is layered and ready to quilt and I'm working on the other one. I should soon have one to show.

The weather has been cold,  very cold. I went to the oncologist a few weeks ago. She said this has to be a slow growing cancer. By now she expected me to be bed ridden and sleeping most of the time. So I don't have to see her again for 4 months unless I start feeling sick.

Strange things happen when you get Chemo. They told me it would take the pigment out of my hair. Since it was already white at age 70 I didn't care. But I've grown "funny" hair. It's so thick it's like animal hair, a bear or a beaver! The color is mixed blonde, brown and red. It feels fuzzy and it's very curly, a wire like curl like in a pot washer. The hair on my legs is dark, dark brown. I've always been so fair I never had to shave my legs. But now it's just ugly so I have to wax it.

So for now things are okay. I'll try to post more often.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho!

How Merry today was with a package from Diane. (  Diane always has the cutest fabric's that make me laugh!  Today she sent me a package of cheer with a holiday theme. This is the cutest quilt, front and back. Just look at all the faces and hats on these Santa's!

It took me a long time just looking at each block on the front of the many different fabric's

An adorable label

I'm not quite ready to do the tables with Christmas but this looks like a good size for the top of my treadle machine.

Along with this great quilt Diane sent a piece of fabric that made me laugh!

Thanks Diane!  I enjoyed looking at all the blocks and thinking of a project for Santa on vacation!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Waiting for my final journey

Back in June when we knew my body wouldn't allow Chemo, I started to prepare for my last trip. Believe me, there is much to do when you are told 6 months or so. I found homes for items I knew others would enjoy...still have lots of those piles but I'm working on it. Cleaning up my sewing mess so my son isn't left with it and the unfinished projects that I am enjoying doing.

As for packing, I'm doing much better then I thought I would. I think I've cleaned up asking for forgiveness which was the first thing on my list. My bucket list was short since I've done just about everything I wanted to in life. I've tried to have some fun the past few months, even bought Christmas gifts.

The oncologist tells me last week that I might be getting an extension on life since I should  be a lot sicker at this point and it seems this might be a slower growing cancer. Sounds good to me since I'm having trouble with this flower garden quilt.

I guess we don't give the end much thought when we are living but there is much to do when you are given the chance. Lots of people you want to see, hugs you want to give, holding a baby one more time, etc. I went from room to room replacing the things that wear out in the house so I wouldn't be leaving my son with used junk. Everything from pillows to sweeper to can opener. One of the last big items was the SUV. A single man whose heart longs for that monster truck with all the chrome does not need an SUV when he won't be dragging around a wheel chair and crippled up old person. This week the new Chevy truck will find a home in our carport.

My days are getting slower. I have my sleeping hours reversed...not can't sleep all day and all night. I'm trying to change that this week. I still have lots of interesting things to do. Working on the quilts and the Christmas train platform.

Most of all I don't want anyone to be sad over my leaving. I'm going home so I must be needed. I'm counting on seeing my son Mark, friends who have already gone before me, my parents. For those I'm leaving behind we have our memories of good times and even bad times we shared. That's pretty important stuff, having shared our lives. I hope I've prepared everyone so you find a smile when you think of me and save the tears for the dented fender or bad hair cut!

I haven't posted as often because of these 2 naughty quilts that are giving me big time trouble, not because I'm too sick to post. Tomorrow I'll put on some Christmas music and try to have a different attitude. I might figure out what I did to make the corners curl up. Lets hope I soon have a photo to show you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Starting Christmas Early

I've been talking to my son about starting to fix up the train platform early this year. It is a large part of the living room year round. My idea's have gotten so big that I had decided to not include the Christmas tree so I'd have more room for scenery. But last year under the tree served as the mountains for the skier's and the small animals that were hiding behind tree's.

Today my son Dave sent me a surprise from Amazon. To start off the platform he gave me an early gift of the Ferris Wheel that goes with the Merry go round I already have. It also plays hundreds of tune's just like the Merry go round and the lights flash with the tunes.

This is a good reason to get the last 2 quilts finished! 

Friday, August 14, 2015

Working on a new quilt...Lace in the Rose Garden

I've started the second quilt I have to finish. This one has been a long time in the making. I've never made a quilt for myself so a long time ago I started saving fabric's for a lace and rose quilt. This quilt has a lot of hand embroidery around the hex's. I started by doing each block separate. Realizing how long it would take to finish I pulled all the stitches out. Second time I reduced the amount of embroidery. It looked bare and, rip, rip again. I think I have it figured out this time. I'm putting the top together first. Then I machine sew the hex's down and started the embroidery with a machine vine around the hex's instead of hand sewn. I'll finish with hand embroidered flowers on top of the vine. It's the fastest way I can come up with.

Rita, I will check out the dollar store for candles. I've been buying my candles from a lady who works for my son. They support "Make a Wish" and smell very good. But we all need those decorative candles to have burning while we sew!  

I guess I'll give a medical up date for those who are wondering. After 2 tries at chemo, it wiped out my bone marrow to a dangerous level. Doctor asked me if I wanted to try a different chemo at a less harsh degree or stop the chemo at this point. She added that I should remember it's poison and she could hurt me considering what we already knew what had happened. I took a month to think it over. Then we did a cat scan. We saw that the chemo had reduced the tumor, which was good. We also saw a new tumor on the outside of the lower spinal cord. Not good. 

I've decided chemo is over for me. I am pretty good right now as for the cancer but the RA is eating me up. I can hardly use a needle to sew and holding anything heavy like a cup with any amount of liquid in it is very hard. I drop most items not to mention the pain. I went to Pittsburgh 2 weeks ago to talk to my RA doctor. I do know the risks and what the RA meds have already helped to do. I know there is no study about cancer and enbrel. It could make the tumor's grow fast or it could help out and keep them from growing. Most of all this is no way to live. Without my hands I can't hold onto the walker to even get across the room alone. So come Tuesday I'll be starting the enbrel again. I hope it kicks in fast so life is less painful. Today I cried from 6 am until 2 pm with RA pain. I've been off the RA drugs since December. It's pretty clear it has control of my body, yes, even over Cancer. I'm sure at some point Cancer will take over but for now it's RA and I need to get control of it again. Even having a short life you need it to be worth waking up in the morning and right now waking up is not a happy time from me. 

I'm now on watch for signs of lower back pain that is not usual for me. At the first sign we will do a one time radiation treatment. My hair looks like an Easter chick. I've been watching it to see if it was going to get thicker. No matter now since the radiation will once again make me bald. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

One down and 2 more to go...

It was hot today...90...but I wanted to finish off my son's "extra" quilt and get it washed and stored. He is using one that I made about 10 years ago. The flannel is getting that worn look although the wool blocks don't look at all worn.  Wool is amazing.  I want him to have a new quilt to change over too even though I'll be gone. He'll get at least a dozen more years out of the new one.

I'll be in Pittsburgh to see the RA doctor next week but when I come home I have 2 more quilts I want to finish...if I'll be starting on the flower garden. I laid the top out on the bed today. I had forgotten I had added prairie points to it.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I made it!

Well with all the negative things being done and said lately I wasn't sure if I'd make my 70th birthday...July 21, but I did!  We had corn dogs on sticks and 3 dip banana splits!  We also had a Cheese Cake Birthday Cake from Pellman, my favorite cake made right here in Lancaster.

Great Birthday...huge gift card to Joann's so I can finish up some of these quilts I have tops made for and an offer for dinner at the Olive Garden any time I feel like I can go. Also meeting the youngest son in Pittsburgh next week for dinner out.

All in all it's been pretty good. They changed all the heart medicines and I'm feeling much better. It's awful what the wrong medicine can do to you!  We also decided I won't be doing anymore Chemo since it wiped out my bone sense in making my self sicker or facing early death.  I just wish I had my hair back!  But the hat Debbie sent to me has served many outfits. I changed the blue, added butterflies or flowers, turned the brim up and down and wore it with hair too!  The hats are too funny. I'll have to take a picture of them.  Soon I should have a photo of the wool quilt. I finally finished tying it.

Friday, July 17, 2015


In Honor of our Marine's that lost their lives yesterday we lowered our Flag.

Monday, July 6, 2015


My friends from HGTV made me a lap quilt...Monkey's!  They heard me say I like monkey's and they make me laugh...and boy I really need to keep laughing....also when you have Monkey's you need banana's!

One gal in Calif. who does Long arm Quilting offered to quilt the monkey's...beautiful!
Thank You Sue and Leona...and all the ladies who signed the quilt!

Sue lives in an area where there are lots of Artists...the card she sent is hand made and the pressed flowers are real....I love it!

Other then this wonderful surprise, it's been raining for days...the RA does not like the rain!!  Today I go for a Cat Scan and on Wednesday after the report is written, I go back to the Oncologist to decide if it is worth trying a new mix of Chemo or just not doing anything.  It became to dangerous to get anymore treatments because it dropped my blood count into a dangerous level.  I have to say I feel pretty good. They also changed my heart medicine since it had dropped my BP to 80 over 46....and I was feeling pretty dizzy.

I'm working on the wool cabin quilt. I have about 1/3 tied. Can't work on it too long because the thread makes my fingers sore. Then I'll be moving onto the flower garden quilt. I found it and opened it and was surprised that I had added the border and prairie points. I don't even remember doing it!  

So in between being sick, making it to the many doctor appt. and trying to over come the RA pain....I've been busy with quilts I've never finished. I'm hoping when I get them finished I can work on the 18 inch doll clothing. I have 2 sweet dolls that need wardrobes so they can be given to girls who have no dolls.   

Monday, June 15, 2015

Some beauty and a little news

The house is surrounded with very large plants that I thought were Agave until they grew stalks. Today in the cloudy, rainy dark day the stalks all bloomed! What beauty with some of these being well over my head. I love surprises!

The latest in medical news is that after twice having Chemo it's pretty clear that I can't do it. It drops my blood count into the danger zone.  The option is trying another mix which will most likely do the same or just do nothing. For now we are just doing nothing. I wish I had known this before I lost all my hair...but it is what it is. 

Then we have the heart rate being off and my legs and tummy filling with water...dangerous of course...they gave me too much water pills and that threw my blood count off and sent my blood pressure to 82 over 46. Now I do have low BP, but this is just too low for even me. Standing up was an issue, turning my head was an issue....I found out what a dizzy blonde is!  

With these two being off it put the blood thinner in a spin. The number was so high they were thinking about keeping me in the hospital...oh no, not again.  So right now we are playing with pill amounts. Every morning I get on the scale and call in to report this to the nurse. I've lost 40 pounds. Some of this is actually fat but a lot of it was water. They said I lost the water too fast. I can say they are right since I had elephant legs one day and 2 days later my own legs came back!  

So that's about it. My clothes are hanging on me like they belong to someone else. I still can't get my shoes on and feel good in them but just being able to get them on at all is a great improvement. My hair is still falling out and I'm still buying cute hats but I'm hoping this stops soon with no Chemo. 

This week I'm beading some of the caps I bought but next week I want to layer the wool quilt and get it tied and put away for my son Dave. Then, maybe I can work on the flower quilt. I also have a flower quilt that needs layering that was from our Russian friend, Roolen. It's been 3 years that I've planned on finishing this...sad that I put it off so long...but now is the time to just do it! 
 This is Roolens beautiful quilt

 and this is mine somewhere near the finish line

Thursday, June 4, 2015


Today I started off making Chocolate Chip cookies....until I dropped the full container of Eggs! Every egg broke open and every egg slid out of it's shell.  Finally after trying to get the egg junk up I went on the computer. A friend told me to use worked!

It took a couple of hours for me to clean it up and mop the floor. Everything is sifted and measured into bowls so tomorrow will be easy to put them together...and I will hold onto the eggs!

I did get the doll quilts finished and mailed today for "Get your Mrs. Claus on".

Time to start working on layering the wool quilt and getting it finished for Son. 

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Starting over....again

I haven't written about the treatment because it wasn't going so good. After the second Chemo once again it dropped my blood count to a dangerous level. So I won't be getting this treatment again. I've been pretty sick for a week. Twice they wanted to put me in the hospital but couldn't tell me what they were going to do to me so I just worked out the side effects at home.

To top it off, finally someone at the heart group decided all the water in my "elephant" legs was from the A fib and most likely I had heart failure twice or maybe even 3 times. I never had cellulitis. The new heart group decided to remove the water with water pills. After a week I had lost over 30 pounds and my skinny legs looked and felt like mine again. The awful pain I had just standing up on them is gone!

That all sounds good but it wasn't. They removed the water too fast which caused my blood count to drop even lower and my blood pressure to drop to 66 over 40. All treatment has stopped and all pills stopped too. I'll be starting the pills again on Monday at half the dose.

I'm thinking they get one more chance to get it right and if they don't, I'll just live out what time I have and try to enjoy it.

I have planted a small garden and an herb garden. I had started lavender early in the house and it's doing really well outside now. So I do get in a few of the things I enjoy and my son's make my life rich. They just know when I need a laugh or a hug.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gift's lift my spirit

I'm not even going to feel bad about getting gifts in the mail because they have pulled me through some pretty awful days. I got a package on Saturday but it had been a bad night and I wasn't feeling good at all so I put the box aside.

Today I felt much better so early this morning I opened it. From the address on the box I new it was from Debby. ( ) If you follow her you will remember the outfits she put together for her sister...classy, each having just the right accessory. The cute bright gift bag held a very soft straw hat. Not the kind you would do garden work in but the kind you wear to pull an outfit together. I just love it...Thank You Debby.

Of course she didn't stop there. She included a bracelet of pretty blue beads. I just bought new jeans and a yellow top and seersucker jacket in blue and yellow. My outfit for next weeks infusion has been pulled together!

I've noticed most of the women at the cancer center dress poorly, hang a rag on their head and their body language says they are sick. I have no idea why they want to look like this. I go once a week. Each time I go I dress for the appointment. I think it makes everyone a little more cheerful.

You can see how nice the bracelet goes with with jeans.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hair...all gone

Well the new do didn't last long before hand fulls of hair began to fall out. Here is one of my caps...spider is Thanks to my friend Kathy!