Bee's Hive

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Treatment starts

I made it through last week, 5 radiation treatments. They were hard. I'm left with 80% more pain then before we started. They told me these are side effects. The tumor is most likely fighting back and swollen against a nerve which is causing the pain. They asked what I wanted to do..stop treatments, take a break or march on and hope I get relief.

Today was treatment 6. Tomorrow is treatment 7, and that's how I'm going to deal with it, one day at a time. The burns are much worse then they expected on my back. When I took a shower yesterday I smelled like a burning down house when I ran the warm water over myself. I just want to know when the fires will go out.

I often wondered if the little I do, like the pillow cases for the kids, matter to anyone. Now I have the answer first hand. Today they had "Feel Better" day. Everyone got to pick from beautiful things made by local ladies. Now I do all these things myself so you would think they would mean less to me. That's not true. It made me feel cared for and loved to have a beautiful handmade gift to take home. So I would say keep on supporting your local groups because all of us who are fighting need that special gift every now and again!

Here is the lap blanket I got today. I love the soft sage and off white. Now how to find out how to thank these ladies and maybe add some wool to their collection to replace what they used.