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Saturday, September 13, 2008

working with Angel Hair

Today I quilted until I ran out of thread. With it raining cats & dogs outside I decided to start on a project for the holidays. When I was a child the Christmas tree wouldn't have been finished without having spun glass ornaments on the tree. I think this came from one of my grandmother's who was German born.

I can tell you the experience of working with Angel Hair is no different now then it was back then in the 1940's. Today no one would allow a child to make anything with angel hair but back then it was a tradition and all you needed was your pair of white cotton gloves that you wore only for Church.

I haven't had Church gloves for years so I just jumped right in with bare hands. Right now I am paying for doing that! Even after going over my hands with masking tape to remove the hairs of glass I can still feel them just about every where!

I did have fun though. It brought back the memories of Christmas, even the smells of baked goods and fresh tree limbs warming in the house.

You can see in the photo the large pile of white cloud. That is angel hair in all it's glory. There just isn't anything like it. It picks up the light in the room and heavenly. The worse is over now that I have the angel hair wrapped into curls so tomorrow I'll finish my ornaments. I have one more "new" spun glass ornament to make. I am using an idea from past times and adding a
touch of crazy quilting to it...that project is yet to come.


Susan said...

I guess that's different from the stuff that the embellishers are using with felting needles, then. The ornaments will be awfully pretty, though. Maybe wrap your hands in baggies to finish?

Holee said...

Hi Susan,

Tried that, but this is actually goes right through plastic. My son said to tape my finger tips with duct tape..I'm going to try that.