Bee's Hive

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's done! Thirty thousand regular people did it!

No help came from any of the "Stars"...but little people pulled it off with donations of $5.00 and up!

Thank you!! You did it. $1.8M raised at GoFundMe to help urgently stop Sanfilippo Syndrome. Over $2M raised in less than a year as a Foundation. Incredible.

Makes me feel so good seeing this happen. Research is so important and for these orphan diseases there is little money to find a cure. Go Eliza!  We'll are be watching the trial and praying for the cure to happen for all children.

Well I'm almost 70. I don't think this is a good age to be facing serous surgery but I held out as long as possible and now I have no choice but to have the hip replaced. Seems I've cracked the large bone in the leg and the hip too which only makes the surgery harder. So holding out didn't do me any favors in the end.

The house is clean from top to bottom. There is still much to do for now it'll just have to wait. Instead of getting up set over the many boxes sitting in the basement, the lack of living room furniture and my sewing room only half unpacked I'm just going to enjoy the holidays, food, decorations and tell myself I have spring to do everything else.

I forgot to turn on the Merry go Round music but here are our trains;

Friday, November 14, 2014

A little crazy

Quick post so you know I'm still here. We moved a month ago into a house. I love it! It's a little far from where I am used to living but close to my son's work at the National Guard Base at Fort Indiantown Gap.

I'm racing to try and put the house together a little before my surgery on December 16th. I can't walk so things are going very slow..but today I got the last windows cleaned and tomorrow we'll do curtains. In between, as I unpack boxes, we are decorating for the holiday. Love to decorate and missed it for the past 2 years, so that part is fun!

Thanks for the heads up on the book Rita. I'll see if I can get it to take to the hospital with me. Everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I have to add this about little Eliza...they must reach the goal for the research now so it's her birthday on November 16th and with the help of TV they are praying it will happen.

BREAKING BREAKING NEWS....Tonight, please watch Inside Edition covering #SavingEliza! Wow.

I so want to see this child live and through the research save the lives of so many kids around the world who also have this.