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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yard Sale Finds

This weekend my neighbor had a yard sale to get rid of his mother's things..what a shame...this son had no idea what he had! I tried to tell him his prices were too low but he said he didn't care, he only wanted the "junk" out of the house.
My first find was this little cedar box for a quarter. When I opened it up, it was filled with wonderful new hankies...a quilters dream. I can see my next quilt coming together already!

The next box I opened, also a quarter, was from the 1940's I think. It was peach and quilted. This is just the kind of box I've been looking for to hold my appliques for crazy quilting!

The next thing that got my attention was the photo of the lady on this box, another quarter item. When I opened it, it was a never used thread keeper. I could use 20 of these to hold all the wooden spooled thread I've collected, but I was happy with the one I did find. Each spool sits on a plastic peg and there is a slit for the thread to pass through. When you put the lid on, above each spool is a little metal how cute is that!

He told me he has a huge storage shed filled with these kind of treasure's that he'll be unloading each weekend until it's all gone. You know where I'll be at 8: am on Saturday mornings!

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Anonymous said...

What treasures! A good reminder to dispose of our own stuff where we want it to go, too. =) I'd be right there with you if I lived in town.