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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I knew I would like living in town instead of in the country. So many things go on in towns. I saw the Vets come to town escorted by many Harley's last week. I had no idea why but knew it had something to do with the Holiday.

Across the street from our house is a park. I went yesterday, without a camera, to see what was going on. I was in AWE. This little town has a very special guest this weekend...The Moving Wall.

The men and women who lost their life to the Vietnam war would be amazed to see this wall that moves from town to town so families can honor those they lost. I saw families in tears, a football and photo laid on the ground beneath the name of a loved one. Many Vets in full dress and many Harley riders, also Vets, giving speeches in honor of those fallen.

Today I returned to take photo's for those who have never seen The Moving Wall...Enjoy
Click on the photo's to see a larger photo

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little Quilt

Sixty years ago I was given this little quilt to wrap a dolly in. Over the years I've had to repair it many times, it is yellow from age, some of the yarn ties are missing, but the memory that goes with the quilt is as bright as the day it was given to me.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Purple doors...

Eight years ago I bid on a lot at an auction and with it I got PURPLE cabinet doors. Now what do you do with purple doors? I made a doll house with them for my then, 2 year old grandddaughter. It was so heavy I had to add wheels so she could turn it around to play.

Granddaughter is now into Hannah Montana so today the doll house arrived at my door, well worn out, missing window trim, windows, rugs, furniture and even the people are gone. I was surprised when I put in batteries that the lights still worked.

I just can't let it go...I have to give it new life and find another little girl who will spend hours playing with it. Soooooo, with my moving mess, mass of dolls & quilt project, now I have a house to re-do. If you ever come across some ugly doors, just jump right in and make a doll house!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sewing room progress????

Some of us have bad habits with "clutter" and "over collecting." I don't know what makes some women collect dolls, but it's a habit I can't shake! Even after shipping a few hundred off to granddaughter's houses, I can't seem to make enough space for what I have left. I think I have a problem, and collecting dolls is only one of them!

I did manage to get my curtains up today and I even found a few bottles of buttons. Tomorrow I'll try to deal with the "real" sewing room stuff but today I sorted dolls.

Monday, August 18, 2008

This mornings Surprise....

This is a photo from Pam, our Florida longarm quilter! Kevin's quilt is in the quilting frame and Quilted! Isn't it just Beautiful! Thanks Pam for fitting this into your busy life! Now it will come back to me in Pa. to have the binding added...then it's just waiting on the other's to finish up..including myself with Breezy's quilt, and then off to comfort the family!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Will this ever be a sewing room??

It's been a week and still swamped with boxes. Not one room is in order and it's driving me a little crazy! After searching for my clothing all week we finally decided it was sent off to storage by mistake so that means shopping...which I usually love but not in the middle of this mess!

Since we found the microwave and some dishes all I want to do is fix up my sewing/doll room. I keep peeking in and wondering if it will ever be useable. I guess it won't be if I keep sitting at the computer!...soooooo, back to sorting boxes!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Boxes, boxes and more boxes! Just something that comes with a move. We moved from Mountain Country to Mountain least this is called a City. Nothing like New York or Philly, but they do have paid policemen & firemen and that counts as City!

Looking out the back door I see a river, common in Western Pa., lots of water. Across the river is a work train that passes once a day, backed by the mountains. Wild flowers grow on the banks of the river and humming birds hover in the flowers getting the days sweets. City? Well, yes and no...just look down the driveway from the rear of the house to the front...What a Change!

And then, looking out the front drive is the back of the City Court House, Police Station, & Fire Station. I did say I wanted to be with people and here I will certainly find just that!

I haven't made it away from the house yet, but I am told that not far away I'll find a neat coffee shop, craft shop and a real grocery store! Haven't seen a grocery store for 3 years, a real one with a deli and meat department! What a boost up from eating the garbage sold at Wal-Mart. Moving only 20 miles has made a difference. Of course we are now 20 miles closer to Erie, Pa., the lake storms and bad winters. I don't know how my health will take all this water flowing past the house but time will tell. I sure could enjoy the feel of warm sand between my toes!
I should have boxes sorted and supplies bought by Monday and then I can start back on the quilt project. The boxes can wait, some have been packed since the last move 3 years ago! But, I am here, internet, phone & TV are on and in today's world, that seems to be the important things when you make a move.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

When things aren't right....leave

Tomorrow I'll start a new adventure. I am hoping this one will find us situated in a more friendly place. When we first arrive in this small mountain town they called us the "carpet baggers". It made me laugh, but I soon found out that not being of the same blood line meant you were OUT!

Strange, going into the year 2009 and there are still places like this. I can't miss the people since none ever ventured to my door, and I won't miss the dogs that bark all night, or the "junk yard" created by our neighbors over the years in their yard. Now the boys "next door" can roll out the barrel, run through my flower gardens with their trucks, knock down fences and strew cases of beer cans all over to be picked up Sunday mornings by whomever lives under my roof in the future.

I will miss my dream of small town America. I hope this experience hasn't ruined the vision I have about what small towns are like. Maybe this town is just too far gone, too poor and without hope.

Our new move is only a temporary fix to see us through the winter. I'm looking forward to spring and where our next adventure will take us. Right about now, after this experience, I would go for a flat in New York City where there is life and noise and people all around. I think I've learned a lesson here. Mountains, trees and wild animals are neat to view, but life is centered around people and without them it gets pretty boring!

I'll leave you all to enjoy looking at all the wonderful quilt blocks until I have internet connection again on Wednesday. Tomorrow the shine will shine and it will be a new day!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Thank You

When I started to get so many blocks for this project I wrote a letter in our local Opinion column of the Clarion News asking for help from the locals with the quilt project for Kevin.

The day my request ran I was excited because the front page had a photo of smiling church ladies with their award winning quilts. I was sure they would contact me and help with the quilts. WRONG, no one, not one person was willing to help or give a little to help with the purchase of fabric to finish the quilts.

I felt like the little Red Hen, who will help...not I, not I said the community. Many of the ladies at HGTV sent money along with the blocks they made. But, quilts are not cheap to make. I covered the rest of the mailings, fabric, batting & thread with my Social Security check.

A few days ago I went to our tiny post office to send off the quilt top to our Quiltcat Blue to be longarm quilted in the state of Florida. The Post Master is a lovely lady. I showed her the Quilt top and told her how disappointed I was in our community after strangers across the nation were willing to support this family but not one person locally.

She knew what I was saying. She said they won't help unless they get all the credit. SHAME on them! Then she surprised me, went for her purse and gave a nice donation towards the quilts which I still need to purchase one backing and all the bindings.

Thanks! Post Master of the Lamartine Post Office for your heart given gift!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Another block today

Just when I thought we were done, along came another great block from Tisme (PA)