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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Quilt....Bebe Birds

Christmas time brings lots of swaps and coming up with something new is always fun. Lots of Dotee Dolls have been on swapping lists of late which was my first inspiration and then an antique bird ornament gave me the final idea.

This antique bird sports a spun glass tail and an alligater clip for clipping to the tree.

And...TA TA...Here she is! My creation of all 3 things I love, beading, crazying quilting and old ornaments! I purchased the spun glass tails from a German store on line and I am waiting for the clips to arrive so the Bebe Bird can be clipped to the tree just like the antique one.

I came up with the name from my past screen name...bebequilts.

Here are a dozen cut out and ready for embellishments. Some are traditional red/green Christmas colors, while others take on a more colorful attire.


elsie123 said...

So cute! What a talented lady you are.

everythingquilts said...

I bet I know what you sending for the 12 days swap, but I won't tell. These are so cute. Your CQ skills are just amazing. The boxes are the best from of CQ I have seen. You can tell by one look that a ton of time and work went into these. You are a true artist. I love reading your blog, I always leave thinking what a wise and caring soul you are. I do hope you make it to the retreat, I look so forward to meeting you.

Lisa said...

Wow those are beautiful... Now if those are part of the 12 days of Christmas I hope I'm one of the lucky 12 to get one...