Bee's Hive

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Old Project

Well I did it. I cracked my bad hip on Friday 13th just by rolling over in bed. It will heal if I stay off my feet. Pretty boring without a project and the next chicken block is 2 weeks away. I remembered putting a bag of yarn in my closet to drop off at goodwill. I pulled it out of the closet and dumped it on the bed. To my surprise it was not just yarn but an old project!

In 1994 my youngest son came home from the Marine's and bought an old truck with a not so good heater. He asked me to make him a heavy afghan to toss in the truck in case he needed it. I remember our shopping trip. I tried to lead him to a lighter color but he picked a dark blue...hard to work on.

I had it half way made...over 40 rows. I don't know why it ended being put in a bag and forgotten. I wonder if he'll remember it when it arrives in the mail...this time I will finish it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

email hacked

If you get email from me, it's not from me. I've been hacked. The cable has been down all day so I didn't know it until now...please ignore any email from me. I'm waiting for Dave to come home to fix this problem in an hour....sorry

UP DATE:  Dave just unhacked my account and sent out emails to those who were sent mail from me. In 15 years I've never been hacked. I've had the same password on Yahoo for all those years. is the time to steal from me. Not much left when even my password is stolen...I feel violated.

ATTENTION:  Please...if you got email from me yesterday and you clicked on items in that email...CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD... the email was not from me. 

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Chicken eye

This is the best I could do at Walmart. It's pretty good for now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Chicken eyes

After ripping open about 10 boxes I remembered I had put a box of embroidery thread and a needle case in my suitcase for my Pittsburgh trip. These were the ends I wrapped on cardboards because I just couldn't toss them out. There was enough colors to finish this chicken block. Many people use black to out line but I've always liked using matching thread to draw the eye to the block rather then the out line.

I kept looking at the block. The chicken didn't look back at me. I tried to picture the chicken's I had in Lancaster. It seemed to me that the chicken eye was the first thing you noticed when you looked at one. I had to google it to see if my memory was right.

For now I used a red button I found in a drawer but I need to get some yellow/orange buttons.

I want to reply to my friend Sherry. When we lived in Western Pa., it was country. Less then 70 people lived there. We didn't lock the door, remove the keys from the car or lawn tractor and never felt unsafe. When we lived in Lancaster it was considered City even though there were many farms. We lived with an open door, keys were never removed from the cars, tractors or lawn tractors and we felt very safe.

I have to give Texas an A+ for the way they handled the problem they ended up with. I never heard them mention that after they opened their arms to help the people who were effected by Katrina that they ended up with criminals, low life and people who felt they were "owed" a life. They are still suffering from the decent thing they did for these people. The ones who left after the money from the government stopped, went home. The criminals who got on those planes are still here. They have no intention of going back to a State that might find out they had been in jail when the storm hit. What makes it worse is the criminals who come across the border from Mexico. They opened their arms to the Katrina criminals. The police are left to deal with the street crime. From what I'm told by the few who own homes here, is this neighborhood was a family place until Fema put up trailors on the empty ground behind the houses. The home owners had to put bars on the windows, get an alarm system, buy guns, put lots of outside lights up, buy pitbulls and still these criminals broke down doors, stole cars, raped and even killed. Texas invited them to come here. They have taken it like you would expect a Texan to do. They could have whined to the rest of the states. Many States would have whined, but not Texas. Even on the outside edge in the best of neighborhood's where we were going to buy the house, you see bars on the windows of the houses. San Antonio is just to close to the Mexican border. I will feel bad when we leave. I loved it here until we found ourself under attack.

As far as Dave's job goes. When you are leaving, you don't quit the job you have when there are no jobs to be had. You put up with it and hope you are not responsible for a mistake, hope you don't fall asleep at the wheel on the way home. Many States have introduced bills to cover mandatory working hours but none have been voted on yet, except for nurses. Dave has written a letter to Boeings own department of employee relations which is being worked on right now. He was told yesterday that the mandatory hours are being addressed and a new policy will be put in place. Right now they could demand they work round the clock so it has to be addressed. Even when he leaves it will be on his mind that these huge flying machines are over all of our heads, our families travel on them. A responsible employee doesn't just walk away and forget what he's seen. When you see employee's sleeping on lunch break instead of eating you know the work they are doing is under stress and certainly not their best.

Dave spent his first week at Boeing learning their policies. The written policy might be in place in Seattle, Washington where there is a union, but in Texas, none of the written policies are being followed. The employee's are clearly abused. They hired the best. Even some men from Nasa. None of these men or woman have ever worked under these conditions. Many contractors are in fear because if they don't do what they are told, they will be fired and there just isn't any jobs waiting for them. These teams of people did not cause Boeing to fall behind on delivery of the planes, but they are the ones who are now being pushed to produce, no matter how they have to do it.

Anyway, I'm Dave's Mom. I am taking the mother part in this. I don't like seeing him drag himself in the door at midnight, fall into bed, only to drag himself to the table for breakfast before leaving to face another 12 hours without any relief.  We know how short life can be after we lost my son Mark at age 27. People need to have a life outside of work. People need to rest their minds and bodies. No company should ever take over the life a person, no job is worth that or any amount of money. I know he likes to have the extra money so he can treat me to things and send me off to Pittsburgh where I feel safe with my medical treatment, but I'd rather be scraping for a penny then looking at a flat screen TV or having a new sewing machine if it means seeing him being abused. I'm hoping for the center of the line where we can live okay and he still has time to enjoy life.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012...Moving on

We made it through Christmas without decorations, first time in my life, and I did miss them. I bought enough things to make cookies and candy and have a nice meal on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We decided the flat screen TV we bought for the new house would be our gift to each other since we are in the saving mode for moving. Dave had off the week between Christmas and New Years so we went shopping in the City of San Antonio, site seeing and we did the can't leave Texas without seeing the Alamo!

I was telling my granddaughter who is in 10th grade about our site seeing and told her we enjoyed the Alamo. She asked me...."What's the Alamo?"  How sad. What's wrong with America? Our children are not being taught how the country came to be, the hardships suffered, the wars, the great people who made us what we are.

Waiting out the winter is the hardest part for me right now. We are clearing up some of the legal problems we had with the house and waiting for the winter to pass. It would be horrible to pack up and run into a snow storm on the way up north with a huge moving truck.

I missed my doctor appointment in Pittsburgh because there wasn't any reason to go with all the changing of the medicine. I'll be going in March and I hope it doesn't snow!

With everything packed I'm finding it hard to keep moving with nothing to do. If you stop moving with this disease, you might never move again. I noticed my friend Kathy was doing a sew along for the next year, one Chicken block a month. When I lived in Lancaster I had many chicken items but since then have sold or given most of them away. I decided to try and get enough sewing items together to sew along. I couldn't find my rotary cutter but did find the mat and ruler. I also found a small tote with fabric scraps and a trip to Wal Mart I was able to find several fat quarters to fill in, a box of pins and a yard of light fusible. Today I put the block together. Tomorrow I'll be on the hunt for one box of embroidery thread or I'll have to plan a trip to Jo Ann's to buy a selection of colors.

I also found some country puzzles to put together. This one I just finished. Guess I'll have to start another one while I wait for February's Chicken block to be posted.

In the mean time, Dave is having so much trouble with his job. The new announcement is 12 hour days for 90 days with no time off and the threat that if you miss a day you start chalking up points that will  end in being fired. This sounds a lot like "I own you, there fore you are my Slave".  I don't know how they expect men and women to work these hours without accidents and mistakes. Think about the possible mistakes...these planes carry lots of people over your head. One lost tool or bolt bouncing around in a plane can bring it down. When Dave first went for the training and interviews he was so impressed. Because of the size of the compound he saw golf carts and bikes all over the place. But he soon learned they can only be used by "Upper" management. Over the past 6 months he's seen a "few" of these Upper people drive a 14 passenager van past the lowly workers...empty. The workers who build these wonderful planes have to walk from the parking lot to the hanger at the end of the runway, back for breaks and lunch and all the way back to the parking lot at night...about 5 miles a day, no matter what the weather is. The bikes and golf carts?....sit unused. When they say Texas is a right to work State, they forget to add the employer has the right to abuse you.

Our truck was robbed again. This time we forgot to remove the rachet straps that tie down my power chair. In the morning they were gone. Without the dog I had to arm myself with pepper spray, just in case. Of course, there's always the gun, if my hands will allow me to pull the trigger.

We will make it. We are both a lot stronger then letting a few things like these getting us down. We just have to keep looking forward.