Bee's Hive

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The count down

We did the yard sale for 2 days. I only have two items that I really wanted to sell, but looks like they'll be coming with us and we'll sell them in Texas. The plans may change a little although I will post my last up date on Wednesday before the computer is shut down.

I never saw such a mess that Dave's Former company got themself into. Now that they laid off all the engineers they can't fix any of the problems. They called Dave back to work last week. They were a bit shocked to find out he is leaving the state. He thought he would be able to get the design up and running for them in a week but they didn't have the entire information from the company they are doing the job for. We'll see what happens Tuesday.

We are ready! I'll be here looking at my travel bag waiting for him to finish up!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Really quick up date

It's been a busy time. We are just about packed up, only one more yard sale Thursday thru Saturday. I hope everything goes quick and we don't have to do the weekend.

We rented a house and signed the lease! Funny thing on the lease. Here in Pennsylvania we work at keeping the water running away from the house foundation. Not in Texas. I had to call the property manager and ask what the lease meant when it said we agree to "water the foundation" It seems the earth gets so dried out it can move the foundation so once a week we need to water it! Now that's HOT!

We'll be packing up the truck on June 2nd and pulling out of here on the 3rd. For the past 5 years I've just about stopped driving. Since I'll be driving the pick up truck and pulling a trailer, that meant driving around the property to get back into the swing of driving again!

I'll stop back before we shut down the computers and let you all know if we are on time with our plans!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Getting ready, right down to the pick up truck cover

Just thought I'd drop in and show you what I have been sewing. We are ready to make this move, all but renting the right house! It's still cold here in Pennsylvania so I am looking forward to being baked in Texas.

The Pick up truck needed a new top. After pricing them at $300. we decided to try and make one ourselves. With an old sewing machine, singer heavy duty needle, Coats & Clark UV thread and snaps from my sons days of building Amish buggies we got to work. It has a little wiggle room and if it doesn't shrink up I can make it tighter. The feeling is the industrial vinyl fabric will shrink and harden in the sun.
The old cover had shrunk & the cornors would no longer go over the frame

The vinyl had also split and the bows could no longer be used
The frame was still in great shape
We used a nylon strapping on the edge to hold the snaps and keep the shape
The white mark is for the snap

A nifty tool to make the holes
Pressing the snaps on

The finished top

The cost with 50% off the fabric was around $35.00!
This was a great mother/son project!