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Sunday, September 14, 2008

WWI my only photo to share

I've pretty much covered all the wars I have photo's from except I did find this one photo of my Father's Dad and my grandma from WWI.

They look pretty stuffy in this photo but I can tell you this pair were a lot of fun. My Grandpa was a doctor and my grandma ran the bugle corp and marched them up and down Lancaster Ave. in West Philadelpia with her baton. She also had a pet monkey.

My Grandpa was one of those doctors that traded his services for whatever you had, like shoe repair or a fresh fish for dinner. Even back then he thought America's biggest problem was not taking care of their own poor.

He was gassed in WWI and spent the rest of his life fighting lung problems. Even with that, it didn't stop him from getting a new Bride, after Grandma died, when he was age 76!

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Susan said...

What a fabulous photo! How fortunate you are to have it.