Bee's Hive

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I hope this all passes. I am confused and can't remember what I said last. I wrote an email, fell asleep at the computer and woke to the letter H on the did I send the email or delete it and who did I write it too???  I can take all this sick stuff but it's scary when your mind doesn't work.

When things get too much for me to handle I go shopping and this time I needed out of the house so we headed off to Wal Mart to get medicines filled. It was my day after all. They were marking a cart of fabric's down to $1.00 a yard, not the quilting kind of fabric but the fun stuff you end up making neat things out of. I got yards and yards of red velvet to make a new cover for the train platform and muslin for the liner to make it have some body.

Then the fancy reds and green velvet's for those fancy stockings...maybe some crazy quilting too. Heavy brown and yellow suede that I use for the bottoms on pincushions so they don't slide all over and plastic that will make nice rain coats for American Girl type dolls.

I can never pass up a Goodwill so next was a visit to one in the same parking lot. Always check out the craft section first. Wow...a bag filled with Joann fat quarters and some other cuts of fabric, price...$1.97!

By this time my compression stockings were feeling too tight and I needed to get home where I could put my legs up and go through my bags!  So a day that started out with bad thoughts of what will happen to me if my mind goes ended with thoughts of things I have patterns for in our magical world of sewing and things I can create just from looking at the color and design of the fabric.

Whom ever said sewing was out of fashion hasn't had the thrill of putting their makeup in a bag they made or picking up that hot pot with a pot holder created for them by a friend. I didn't need that $200. an hour counselor after all. The magic of sewing fixed all that was wrong for now...yeah!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Working on the bucket list

I've jumped all over my bucket list. Nothing like taking one step after another. After the flower  garden quit, I moved onto my shower curtain. I've been replacing a lot of things so when I'm gone my son won't be surrounded with pastel flowers and worn out appliances and bedding. I talked him into a new mattress and then we moved onto colors. Since he is working with the military and is waiting for a home on the base, he picked red, white and blue. The first thing was installing a 9 foot flag in the living room and photo's of him, his grandfather and brothers. I can't take photo's of that area right now since it's being washed, painted and of course the train platform is taking up the center and needs to be worked on.

I went to the bath room to start. First I replaced the towels, hand towels and wash cloth's in shades of blue and tan and red. I also replaced the bath mats and a new rubber maid mat for the tub. Now it was onto the shower curtain. I wanted to keep with the colors but wasn't feeling stars flying all over. I found one on Amazon that looked good. It had embroidered flowers on one section and was fancy shiny fabric. Only one problem, the bottom section was not blue. Instead it was dark brown.

I ordered it anyway. Got my son to take me for a trip to Joann fabric and picked up a yard of blue fabric. It didn't take but a little over an hour to have the right color scheme. Now all that is left is finding a soap dish and brush holder.

                                                                                                                                                                     A little too much light in the room. The new blue is not so bright and the red is more a cherry red.