Bee's Hive

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's been a long month!

Sometimes things just happen. It's a long story so let's just say we had to move because of toxic mold. With a bad immune system, mold is something that must be avoided. I'll miss the covered bridge and the pretty grounds but I had to be safe first.

The house we are in is 3 city blocks down the road from where I started in Lancaster. It's really home with my friends nearby and stores I am used to shopping in. It's not perfect in anyway and we will look to buy a one story rancher in the future, but for now it's home.

My neighbor does have chickens that have perched themselves on my porch. I was able to get my garden ready for the spring planting but the garages are full and we also have a rental garage to empty. Christmas was hit and miss. I did manage to get cookies baked but we are still living among boxes.

Today it's snowing so we won't be doing any garage moving but I did venture to the attic. Steps are not my friend but we are looking for a good used stair chair. I figure once in the attic I'll be staying there for hours anyway.

I can't wait to get the table's and cabinets up to the attic so I can start to sort out things. It will also be home to my many dolls and doll houses. When I look out the attic window I can see across the many farms. I think I'm going to like my space.