Bee's Hive

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Do you like Chickens? Maybe this site would be good for you home schoolers. On April the 1st the Hen Cam will become a Chick Cam with the delivery of baby chicks. Just in case you don't like chickens she also has a couple of goats!

These chicks are ones that we hatched. Some chickens, quail and pheasant.

I sat up all night taking pictures of each stage of hatching and getting the new ones into their heated new home.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The "I haven't given up" walker bag

My son Dave and I have many a talks about not giving up and why people with illnesses or who are aged all get that "I've given up look" from what they wear to the cut off frizzy permed hair. Oh, don't get me wrong, I've thought of cutting off my hair but his remarks always pop into my head and stop me.

As my rheumatoid arthritis gradually takes over my ability to walk I am so aware of that "look" of giving up. I might have to drag around the walker as part of my body but that doesn't mean I've given up at all. Lately I've noticed people giving us poor sick oldies gifts that we have to say thanks for but are the I've given up type of gift. I thought maybe if they read this they'll think a little more about the person they are gifting and how that person lives.

My walker has become my home away from home. It all starts in the morning when I decide what I will do for the day. Once out of my bedroom the walker must carry everything I need or I'll be the "I give up" person who has to rely on someone else to get the things I forgot. When I look at patterns for a walker bag I wonder just what they expect to be carried in it...glasses and a tissue?  My bag must be able to handle a tablet and kindle, medicines, makeup, hair brush, lots of tissues, nail items if I break a nail, maybe sewing items I'm working on or knitting items, a book, a drink, keys, phone, hand cream, paper and pen, glasses and a sweater.

Now if I'm going out for the day it has to carry even more items like a drink for taking medicines, socks, wipes, umbrella for the sun or rain, a snack and sunglasses. Why socks? Well I wear compression stockings that get awful hot so I always carry a pair of regular socks along. Who could put all this in an envelope sized bag? Even people in a nursing home want to take along a sweater when they leave their room. Try putting a sweater over the rail of a walker without it ending up on the floor.

Three days ago I started to make my "I didn't give up" bag. With nice weather coming we'll be out more often and even a trip to the rear of the yard is a long distance if you forgot something. I started with cutting heavy fabric and finding heavy straps. Then I sat at my machine that has had no care given to it since we left Texas and I have sewn on it without cleaning it up. Yuck...full of stuff and a dull needle that had to be fixed before I started.

Then I took a plastic place mat gotten at the dollar store and cut it into 3 equal pieces. This will be covered with batting and fabric and will be the insert for the bag bottom.

I sewed up the outer fabric, the batting and the lining of the bag and cut the corners to 4 inches.

After putting the 3 sections together I pinned the lining over the outer edge.

I called it a day and went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night RA decided to take over and it kept me in bed for the next 3 days. This time it wanted my right knee and it took it. Now the walker is more important then ever.

 Today I worked on the bag again. I'm not finished. I need to make an organizer that can be filled and lifted out for when we go to the auctions. I'll be needing the bag to hold all those wonderful glass items I'll be bidding on. I'll blame being sick on the lack of photo's. You can see I've added the straps and the metal hardware that secure's the bag. This bag can hold anything! I left the straps at the bottom free just in case I need to carry something long like an umbrella that doesn't fold or some interesting item I've won. When I get the organizer made this bag will be perfect and certainly not for someone who has given up.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Did you ever see anything cuter

We have been working on putting up birdhouses for the past few days. The first one went up yesterday. This morning Papa bird checked it out and by tonight they had built the nest and were settled in.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

A full day of work

Finally I am about 80% finished the sewing room. I can sew, but still have a lot of sorting to do. We did get the bed together so at least I have a place for an extra person to sleep. One cabinet needs the doors put on and one wall has nothing on it. But the space is now usable.

 Next I filled the suet feeder with nest building materials.

By the afternoon they had it pretty well pulled apart.

 Next my son Dave worked on his train platform and the Purple Martin house. Our house is not the usual round country house. It's more like a New York brownstone with a tree on the sidewalk. He's adding some new apartments and a new bottom.

 First he had to clean out the old nests.

 They'll have 4 new apartments on the back side.

The weather was beautiful. It felt good to hear the birds singing and see the flowers starting to grow.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Living in an 1800's house

I don't mind all the add on's like the not so perfect 4x8 kitchen/laundry room or the bathroom with the slanted floor. I can live with those. I love the old door hinges and thinking about the people who lived here over the years, the long dresses that went through the doorways, the struggle to get through the winter with only boards between you and the outside.

What I do hate is the 10 foot ceilings! The windows that go from my knee to the ceiling. The shades that slip out of my hands and flap around the roller and getting out the tall ladder to pull them back down. I remember having shade pulls when I was a kid and even found some on line for just under $10. for ONE! wow, talk about profit!

 So in between all the other things in life I was able to find plastic rings and with a 50 % off coupon and some suitable yarn for just about $4.00. Downstairs has only 5 of the original long windows. Up stairs has 8 foot ceilings and short windows. It won't take long to make the 5 pulls but then I have to figure out how to attach them. I remember a metal ringed hole but with plastic blinds I don't know how to manage that. The holes may be more of a problem then the rest of the project!