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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Long weekend

I just couldn't live in one room stuffed with a whole house and no where to sew. My son worked hard to rip apart a closet/powder room and make me a space. The room will not be remodled until the summer, but for now I have a sewing room. There is no electric yet but the lines are dropped and it won't take long to hook them up.

remember this:
Then we moved on to this:

This weekend I moved into my space

The electrician got to work

I decorated..I had no idea I had so many beautiful mini quilts

I'm still unpacking boxes so I am sure there are more.
The dog (Griz) wants no part of this mess.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yummy give away at the Pumpkin Patch blog!

Take a look at these yummy fall season fabric's!

This is a give away you won't want to miss out on at

But you have to stand in line behind the person I found this give away at ... and

Remember to say I sent you if you join this great give away...better yet, say everythingquilts sent you...she could use a nice surprise in the mail!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm busy making these today

These stockings just cracked me up so I had to make them to put some of my swap gifts in. They are 3 feet long!
close up of the toe..

Monday, October 19, 2009

I thought I'd post something

I have survived so far! The weather has been against us, snow, snow and more snow. You can see the snow photo's on my son's blog..

We did manage to install 2 windows, not completely, but it will do for now. We also got rid of one window that was on the cold and windy side of the house.

I also got busy on finishing up the Christmas items for my Pollyanna swap on HGTV. I called it "All I want for Christmas". Each swapper buys 20 themed items for her partner, some fabric, some handmade and some to eat..Candy!

I have extra swappers to send boxes too. There are just some ladies having a hard time this year and I wanted to include them. Everyone filled out a question sheet. I can't believe sewing machines are not standard sized, but I have 6 that are all different in size so I am hoping they all fit.

One lady does not like cats so I made her a dog

I also made them wall/door hangings.

I spent sometime making tags.

This afternoon I need to trim them and put in a ribbon.
I also have 30 kids pillow cases cut out and ready to sew this week.
Even in this mess I found a clean, small space to sew. Now I'm Happy!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Marketing..Double roll bath tissue??? are they kidding?

When we were first introduced to double roll bath tissue I got the feeling we were in for a marketing ride, and on the other side we would find out we got nothing. I was right!

I thought the roll, over time, was getting shorter. No way to prove that so I accepted the roll as double. Today I found an old roll in my craft box.

AHA...proof! Did they think we wouldn't notice? Are we that dumb..of course not, especially since they went overboard this time. They can"t fool us when we have the same bath roller we always had.

Did they really think we wouldn't notice the 1/2 inch on each side of the spindel?

So what did we get? A puffy roll that rattles on the roller, the same amount of paper for more money? I want my long roll of paper back! Charge me more but make it fit the roller! I'm writing all of them, even the Charmin people who are no longer Charming!

Eye update because you asked

Not a weed! Those horrible little black knats did this damage! Did you know they could bite, I didn't. My eyes were effected first but by the next morning, I was covered wherever they could find a spot! They are like fleas or spiders.

They gave me Atarax for itch and a wash for comfort. Doesn't look any better yet, maybe even looks worse. Maybe by the weekend I'll see signs of healing.

I'm beginning to feel weird about this house! It's not only the house that no one wants, but I think the house doesn't want anyone to live in it! First weekend Dave got the flu, second weekend I was attacked by knats...not looking forward to the third weekend's surprise!

This is my new gardening hat my son gave me. wild!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Quick update

Not a good week for us. Last Sunday Dave came down with the was bad, but he's finally getting over the worse of it.

Yesterday I worked on another over grown garden. It just wasn't my day. Never trust weeds! A few hours after I finished up, I began to itch.

This morning I look like a battered woman so I'm off to the ER to get some help with the itch and swelling.