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Monday, September 29, 2008

Do Little Girls still Play Dress-up?

I love old photo's. I came across this one, the hours of fun we had that cost nothing but a pair of high heels a hat and handbag. I'm the tall one on the left with the ankle socks and baby doll shoes. Do little girls still play like this or are they caught up in the computer games and have lost the days of real play time?


Pam said...

Yes, they do!My grand daughters love to play dress up, and my neices did too when they were little. They love the gloves, pearls, hats. They used to call it playing Miss Fabulous!

Linda said...

Little girls still play dress up no matter their age - just put them in a room of pretty dresses and boa's and hats with a mirror and some makeup! :) My 17 and 14yr old were playing at dress up last week to prepare for a prom that isn't for 4 months! LOL
My granddaughter goes into our dress-up box every time she is at our house. The box contains dress up clothes that I Have had since my oldest(21) was a year old!
Thank you for the memories :)