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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Crazy Quilting Friends are the Best!

I never would have believed that I could have friends, some so close they feel like sister's, that I've never met and who live thousands of miles away. When my son made me get on the computer back in 1997 I did it only to please him. Now of course my computer is my main link to people, my friends and my sewing and quilting pals.

Recently I was in a pin cushion swap and then all the gals on HGTV started to make Dottee Dolls to swap. I have a "needling" friend in Calif. who has not been so well lately. I started to make a box up to share with her.

Sharing is something we all do and enjoy getting those boxes in the mail! I put in some pin cushions and a sewing Dottee Doll I made. I cut into some of my treasured crazy quilting fabrics to share with her and a pile of trims and pearls.

Today I got a box from South Carolina from another HGTV gal who offered to share her stash with me, including the treasured special beads she had! She also sent along strings to make a string quilt. As you can see, this was just not a box, it was a huge box! So many wonderful fabrics but the beads...oh my, they are just so much fun! Everything from hearts to lady bugs and some very fancy one too!

I was able to cut all the fabric's in half and sat for the last hour measuring the beads into bags of equal amounts. Thanks to Kathy her gifted items will be enjoyed by 2 crazy quilters!

Everything on the left side will be sent off to Norma in California! I want her to be surprised so I didn't spread out the beads for ya all to see, but I can tell you they are magic to the eye! This will certainly push me to finish my special gift for Norma so it can be added to the box!
Thanks Kathy for being such a wonderful crazy quilting friend! If your gift doesn't lift Norma's spirits, nothing will. It's just SUPER!

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Anonymous said...

What wonderful sparklies. You two ladies are certainly big hearted. I have the same kind of all-over-the-world friends, and it's been just a joy. I got on the summer before. I was bored and waiting for a check for work I did for the University, so I could go see my sons on the other side of the country. My DH said, I just upgraded everything, go online and play. Now he's sorry, of course! LOL!