Bee's Hive

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Too many iron's in the pot

It's a good thing we are having Thanksgiving on Saturday because my grandson has to work Thanksgiving and black Friday.  I have so many things started...just started!  The kitchen table is so loaded down with train items I don't know where to go with them so we can eat!

The new enlarged train platform is finally done but not up and running yet.

The quilt...well it's moving along...slowly

I have 10 more blocks to put the green vine around by machine. Then I'll hand embroider the flowers over it, layer it and quilt it.  I also have the flower garden to quilt.

I found my Santa Bank from the 1940's. They use to give them to kids who started a bank account.

Our little tree is sort of up. The plug is broken so I have to pick up a new one.

I also found my wooden carved doll. She's waiting up for Santa with her bowl of cookies. Also my toy box music box that my son Mark bought for me one year.

Tomorrow I'll start the cooking. First will be the cookies and candy.

Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food and the company!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Alive and fighting the fight!

Oh my, life is so joyous and while living it for the past 70 years, I forgot many times to enjoy it and look past myself.

It's funny how people view death. I have some really nice clothing. I told my friend, who is the same size, where to find my summer clothing and where I'd put my winter clothing so she would know where to find them when I'm gone....OH, I can't do that she said. Tears came to her eyes and she continued to protest against taking and wearing my things.  Okay I said, then when you walk past some stranger in Wal mart who is wearing my Bob Mackie jacket, you won't feel bad or have the memory of the day I bought it and we both gasped at the price?  She continued to stumble through some mild protests and then said she won't let that happen. You're right, I would be very sick to see anyone wearing your clothing who didn't love you.  Made me laugh!

Then there is the Spanish driver who takes me to my doctor appointments. He calls me Mom and when I lost my hair he pointed out to all the nurses how much we looked like twins...mother and son with his own bald head. I don't have to do any crying because Rafael does it all for me. He takes care of me like I was a baby so my own son never has to worry about me when I'm with Rafael.

These people who are so important to me were always here but I forgot to stop and look at them and enjoy them.

I've been fighting the fight with these quilts! Finally today I have both of them layered and ready for quilting.  Well one of them has a lot of embroidery to go through first but at least I am no longer ripping stitches from the top section! Everything is a mess right now but soon I should have something to post.

We are working on the train platform. I am turning it into a German Christmas Market. That means lots of plaster and an imagination as I go along. We had to expand the size so the Merry go round and Ferris Wheel  would fit along with the houses and the market stands. Fun, Fun...and Fun  Of course the living room sofa is almost sitting in the kitchen!

I'm going to try for photo's by next weekend but that might not happen. I'm having a dozen relatives for Thanksgiving dinner and a sleep-over. It's also my grandson's birthday. So in between the quilts and trains I'll be cooking ahead so it's not so hard on Thanksgiving.

This is a German Christmas Market.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Attention Rita

Looks like I can't send you email. It keeps getting knocked back by the Mail Demon. I had sent you a few photo's to ask you about them and if you liked the items enough for me to send them....Can you try and send me an email and see if it goes through. I might have to have Dave look at my security or something.  Thanks