Bee's Hive

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The reason for the vacation

Of course there was the usual rides and games on the boardwalk

The famous Steel Pier. The Pier use to go out in the Ocean much farther but over time the many storms, a fire and age took it down. Today it's lost it's luster, a few rides and games is about it.
But in it's day...a bathing beauty sat upon a horse on a tall platform and dove into a pool of water.

I did get to buy and eat Salt Water Taffy made by the original candy company, still in business and still sending it's candy all over the world as a sign says displayed among the candy boxes.

 All of this is man made and not the reason I told my son I wanted to go to the ocean. The waves, sand and looking out and not being able to see where the ocean starts and ends. Running my feet through the sand and watching the tiny clams dig themselves back into the wet sand. The wonder of how we got here and where I'm going.......

Monday, July 18, 2016

Beauty in the dark

Early one morning Dave decided to take a bike ride on the boardwalk. I sat looking out at the ocean for a while and then my adventuresome nature took over and even though I knew I might get lost I decided to go out on my own and see more of this fabulous building.  I took the escalator to the bottom floor thinking I could easily find my way back if I just stayed in the bottom area. It was very dark. To me it looked like the forgotten basement but it wasn't. It was the area where the theaters were so they used tiny lights that barely lit the area to give you the feeling of being in the lobby of a theater. It was a huge area with doors at the end that went out onto a patio.

As I made my way down the "hall" that was about 30 feet wide and made me feel very small, I saw in the dimmed light something sparkly behind glass. To my delight this is what I found::::

There were two of these mounted behind glass. Totally hand stitched and beaded. They were about 20 X 15 and each figure was more beautiful then the last one I looked at. I stayed for a long time just running my finger over each line of stitching and found no mistakes..none. A long time pasted. I couldn't get enough of these tapestries. But I did pull myself away so I could at least go out onto the patio and be able to say I did something other then get off the elevator and look at this art.

The door took me to the front on the building where the employee's were picketing. They were a pretty loud bunch but no where near the 1000 they said they were expecting. They beat on drums and sang out their demand, all wearing red Union one cared. It's pretty clear that the Casino only has a trickle of people compared to what they had before all the States around New Jersey opened their own Casino's. You can't get money out of an empty bank.

The sad thing is thinking this wonderful building could see it's end. Some other Casino's have been built and never opened...what a shame. They are talking about making them into schools or business offices. I'm just glad I got to see this one before it changed.

It was time to go back to the room. Taking two elevators somehow changed the route back and I did get lost. After roaming around many floors I decided to ask for an escort..he laughed and hopped from one floor to another and had me back to my room in no time.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Vacation continued

I guess all casino's are extra beautiful but this being the first one I've ever been too, I was really impressed. We were on the 94th floor. We had to take 2 elevators to reach our floor.

The outside steps were lit up with red cut glass flowers
The chandeliers that lit the escalators were huge...the sparkle was so bright I had to close my eyes
  Tomorrow I'll try and show you my greatest find in the basement of the Hotel.

Friday, July 15, 2016


It's time to let you see some of my vacation. Unfortunately we both came home sick. My son is finally getting better but I'm having trouble this time pulling myself back on my feet. This vacation was GREAT! We could have stayed much longer just to do things we missed and to walk around the Hotel and enjoy it's beauty.

I'll start here......greeted by this fellow
Arriving at the Taj Mahal this was our first site of it

The Lobby...oh my, I can't tell you how beautiful it was. Flowers and glass chandeliers, big and bold and making good use of the colors of and orange. The lobby was like standing in line at a large airport.

 Marble everywhere...walls, floors tables all in beautiful colors.

We'll stop here today. I'm hoping for a serge of strength in the next few days.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Vacation surprise

It's been years since I've been to the Sea Shore in New Jersey. It was our big vacation when I was a kid and then it was the vacation of choice when my kids were little. My son wanted to surprise me with this vacation and pump it up with staying at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino. I've never been to a Casino and most likely won't give up more then one dollar at this one but people watching is always interesting!  I'm looking forward to all the things I remember before they tore Atlantic City apart. Fudge, cotton candy on a stick, salt water taffy, hot dogs and french fries served in a paper cup and a ride on the Ferris wheel!

Then of course there is the beautiful Hotel I've seen in ads over the years and could never afford the prices. Now that Atlantic City is trying to have a come-back after the closing of many casino's the prices are inviting. But as things go, this vacation is having a surprise my son didn't expect when he booked the rooms. STRIKE

Everyone said they won't do it and who cares any way you're only going to sleep there. No one can take away the beauty and all the photo's you can take. It's on the beach and boardwalk and I can even rent a sand going wheelchair. Well, while thinking that over, they went on strike. Let's hope when I come home all I have to tell you is good....and I didn't have to make my own bed!

So we'll be off on our adventure on Tuesday. Just think of all the calories I'll be eating..Oh, as I remember it the Fudge goes down much too easy!