Bee's Hive

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Foot prints in the

Don't I wish for some sand and sunshine but Pennsylvania isn't done with winter yet.

Not exactly the kind of morning I was wishing for.  I am working on some small things but not ready to show them yet. Everyone stay warm!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Finished Quilt

I'll need lots of practice on this new machine. The quilting is awful, the stitching uneven. It doesn't quilt at all like any of my other machines. I did have fun with the letters so this quilt has the unexpected...words!

Considering all this fabric is old and might have ended up in the trash pile, "inspired" by the Cat Puzzle made a pretty nice quilt.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Puzzle Quilt

Today I am ready to mark and start quilting the Cat Puzzle quilt. I'll be trying out the new machine for this after I read about the feed dogs and quilting foot.

The next big news is my son got the job he wanted!  We are shocked that he got it so fast but so happy to move on from our currant life and awful weather into happier times and spring weather!

Dave will be working for the VA...Once you have been military it's in your blood. Just working where you can see something like this sitting outside makes Dave feel good!

Of course this will mean another move...but this time it will be OUR home. The apartment/condo complex where we are now does not allow an American Flag to be flown or displayed in the window. The rules of living are annoying to say the least...but still, this place saved us, we were warm and no stairs so I won't complain.

I said I'd tell you about the wagon...this is our sidewalk to the parking lot. Our car sits around the corner and 6 parking places in is our Handicapped space. Dave just put his brakes on at carrying in groceries.  I like to buy things by the case when they are on sale and cases of paper goods etc. Dave rarely says no to anything but this was just a no do for him so that's why we have a wagon under the dining room table!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Flower garden quilt

It's been over 2 years since I put this quilt away to move from Texas. It needed some kind of border but the quilt is already large so I wanted to keep it down to just something of interest but small. I'll most likely round the corners to make a smooth binding.

I never did like the way prairie points end up looking at the corners so I might change/add those. Now I have 3 large quilts to finish, this one, the puzzle quilt and the batterburg lace quilt...and I keep saying I'm done with large quilts!  But before I ended my large quilt life I had to make at least one for myself. I already have someone in mind to give this one too since she rave's about it every time I post a photo of it. It always just makes it seem worthwhile knowing someone else is enjoying something I made. I don't even have this girls address!  But, she lives in Pittsburgh and since I'm going there in April for the doctor appointment I thought she might like to have a cup of coffee with me at the hotel...and then surprise her with the quilt.

I bet you are wondering about the bed, living room carpet, table and wagon...Strange people!...I'll get to that in another post.