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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Awful month and still winter!

So many mistakes have been made. I've been treated really bad by doctor's and nurses. Hey people...I'm a person and I'm still alive.  No one seems to care as long as Medicare is paying life is good for them.

So I decided to start from the doctor's, new hospital. The hospital in Lancaster, Pa. is new. It certainly doesn't have the doctor's with the same high experience that Philadelphia has but it seems when people are trying to get noticed and need more patients they behave a lot better. When you have Cancer and are facing death kindness is more important then care as far as I am concerned.

I had my first visit yesterday and will be going once a week until we get things going.

This is the new hospital

I did manage to finish Dave's wool quilt top and am working of the doll quilts so I can get them in the mail.

Thanks to all of you who have offered to send me things I might need. Right now just getting the item's finished that I have promised is just about all I can handle for now. 

I'm hoping I can now give up dates as the treatments start. Thanks to everyone for being here.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

No up date to give.......

Once again I ended up in the hospital. I have an infection so the port and Chemo hasn't happened. I don't really have an up date for Facebook or here. This cellulitis is not responding to medicine. That's about it for now.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Well once again I spent last week in the hospital. This time it was the Cancer Center for the Cellulitis. It was so bad in my legs that I couldn't walk and it had also turned up on my belly. IV treatment helped but I'm not sure if this will be the end of it. This morning my legs are once again so swollen I can't bend my knee's or ankles...guess we'll see as time goes on.

I'm on the list for March 17th to have the port put in my chest in the morning and get the first installment of Chemo that afternoon. The oncologist told me the drug they have to give me will make all my hair fall out. Looks like I'll be getting my summer hair cut early.

I'm still plugging away at making Dave's wool quilt. I'm so close to having the top put together but it's not a project I can do in the hospital so I'm hoping I can stay home long enough to finish!

I do have hand work to do on the "Get your Mrs. Claus on" project. That project has to get done and in the mail soon. I'm also beading cotton caps I bought to wear.

I've been getting some pretty gifts from friends. I hope to get some photo's together to post. Everyone has been so thoughtful!  I even got false eyelashes and aqua nail polish!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Day at the Cancer Center

Yesterday I was scheduled to have the Pet Scan I missed while in the hospital all of January. They didn't make me fast for 3 days...just for 6 hours. It went much better although being in the MRI machine for over 2 hours was a bit nerve racking.

Good thing is the cancer is not in any other organs!  The bad thing is they are afraid radiation will make the Rheumatoid Arthritis cause the cancer to grow instead of shrink. They will instead start Chemo in 2 weeks and see how the tumor reacts. They are considering surgery if the chemo does it's job.

 The delay is because while in the hospital I picked up cellulitis.  For the past 6 weeks my feet and legs have swollen and turned red. I've been calling them my elephant legs. About 10 doctors and numerous nurses have removed my compression stockings, pressed on my feet and legs, put the socks back on and said I had very swollen legs...none did anything.  Yesterday morning I couldn't wear shoes or even slippers. It was very painful to walk on my feet and my knees were so swollen I couldn't get them over the tub edge to shower. It was time to make demands about the condition.

After all the tests had been done at the hospital, I had an appointment to see the oncologist. I removed my stockings and told him we could go no further until he took care of the legs. He looked at them with a purple light and decided I had cellulitis. I am now on an antibiotic but if it doesn't work fast enough he'll put me in the hospital for IV treatment.

Every person and every tumor reacts differently. The doctors have a general idea how it will go but they also expect things to fall apart when the patient has other medical problems. The way they are acting I think the RA has given unexpected problems in the past...we'll see how it goes. They did say the drugs they will be using will cause my hair to fall out....I'm prepared. I bought fun wigs, hats and even henna tattoo's. I just can't see myself wearing a chemo "rag" down to my eyebrows. I'd rather shock them all with a 70 yr. old lady and a fire truck red head of hair and big earrings!  I also bought some skull caps but they need some fancy shiny pins or dangle beading.  

So this is my journey. When I have anything new to tell I'll post or you can ask me to post if I'm missed..smiling at that.  Most people are following my journey on Facebook so sometimes I do forget to post here. Lets all pray for spring! I could use some flowers right now.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Making the best of it......

because I'm alive and that's what counts!  Since spending 3 weeks in the hospitals I've improved a little. Sorting out the right medicines helped and just gaining back some strength.

I managed to make Dave a nice dinner and cake on Feb. 11th for his birthday without passing out so that's good. Today I went shopping. Thanks to all the stores for having scooters I am still able to do my own shopping again.

I am working on a wool cabin quilt for Dave. He has one he loves so I decided it is already 10 years old and has been pretty much abused and washed often so I want to make one and put it in one of those bags you suck the air out of so he will always have a quilt from Mom that he loves. Today we stopped at Goodwill because I am a row short. These quilts are made out of 100% wool skirts and ladies slacks. For some reason Dave gets a real kick out of having all these skirts covering him.

I was able to get 4 nice pieces. One still has the price tag on it. It makes me wonder why someone would buy expensive slacks and never wear them.

Tomorrow I am headed to Philadelphia to meet with the oncologist at the Cancer Hospital. This will help me to decide what to do. I still don't have the facts. This doctor holds the key to where we stand.

Some of you have sent me mail and links to watch. I haven't gotten to them yet. For whatever reason I just can't get my mind to stand still long enough to read. I'm hoping after seeing this doctor I can settle down some.

Thanks Rita for asking me to post or I might have left it go again. Give me a few days to talk this visit over with Dave and then I'll try to post again and let you know where I stand with it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Little up date

Just got out of the hospital again tonight. Did not have heart failure. Instead I have a clot in my lung from ??? not sure what they said but it doesn't really matter. Now I have an uneven heart beat that has to be controlled with medicine and a blood thinner.

I think I'm pretty lucky every time I wake up and find I'm still here. Staying out of the hospital is the goal for now. Sitting and stitching should keep me down and out of trouble... Now for some rest in my own bed!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

from bad to bad

Just a note. I'm pretty sick so you might not hear from me. Some how I ended up with a blood infection and something caused heart failure.