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Friday, October 10, 2014


I've written about this before. I'm sick!  How could this happen to this child. Where are the people with the big bucks?  No, this wasn't fun. No one got to dump water on someone's head. Read this and then if you feel like you can turn away..okay then...but I don't know how you can.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Get Your Mrs. Claus on...project

I've been working on these doll quilts for next year. The HGTV ladies pick a State or States to represent. I picked New Jersey, Delaware and Puerto Rico. Two people had already picked Pennsylvania. I also did 3 Christmas quilts. None are quite finished yet.

                                           This is Delaware...

                                           This is New Jersey

                                         My favorite..Puerto Rico

                                         And the Next 3 are Christmas quilts made from panels

The Christmas quilts need quilting along with the Delaware Balloon Quilt. The others need the applique finished and they need to be layered.  Here is the link to the project:

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Befuddled Quilt is done..

I need to make a label for this quilt. The backing is flannel and the quilt measures 78 x 88. It fit perfectly into the duffle bag with room to spare for maybe a nightie. When granddaughter will get it is a mystery at this point. I might end up boxing it and shipping it. It's just seems a shame for her to not have it when winter is moving in quickly.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Busy, Busy....

I'm here, just been dealing with a lot of family stuff. I think we are back on the road to recovery. I didn't even notice Fall had arrived!  I haven't finished the Befuddled Quilt week I hope... but I have finally finish and packed up a box of things to go to my granddaughters Dorm room.

Funny how these kids arrive with bedding and clothing and then realize it will take a lot more to make this home for the next year. Granddaughter sort of got lost in the shuffle with her sister doing the road of suicide. Clarissa had a birthday, graduation and went off to college with little fan fare because the sick one in the household is the one that gets the attention.

Granddaughter is on the left. Her best friend Jadyn on the right is sharing the dorm room with her 
They did take dishes and silverware but soon discovered that eating cheerio's on a flat plate didn't work too well, coffee out of the microwave can be hot, you need storage for leftovers and some other things that I found pretty funny. So I sent an order from Amazon of large items that would have been hard to ship and then started filling a box.

I had sent them each a new pillow but soon found out they only had one pillow case first off I made each of them one flannel case and one soft 500 thread count cotton case.
 They said they needed some decoration for on the beds but didn't know where to find anything another set of pillows had to be sent so they could use the wise old owl...purple for Jadyn
 amd turquoise for Clarissa. Both are using pink with those colors.
 The ribbons on the Owls are too cute!  These I made from scraps from the befuddled quilt
Then I made each a place mat with a pocket for napkin, straws and silverware to keep it dust free
 and the desks needed some mugs rugs for snacking while studying
Then the things that make life easier like the microwave pot holders
 each one a sewing kit
 strong bags to carry supplies from the grocery some 10 blocks away
 and tissue holders and tissues since we are going into the runny nose season
I have no time to make a throw right now so I found this pretty furry one
 folding boxes for storage
 bowls, clips, napkins and some hot chocolate
No photo but a pile of stuff for the desk organizer I sent..paper clips, tape, rubber bands, erasers, markers, etc.  Then I wanted to address the missed birthday. One summer Clarissa stayed with me for 3 months. She gathered a pile of pretty pencils every time we went shopping. Her uncle Dave had an electric sharpener that she was green with envy over and asked me daily to buy her one. She was only 3 1/2 but she knew what she wanted and wasn't going to stoop to sharpening her wonderful pencils on "his" they went without being sharpened. I was afraid she would put her finger in the hole and get hurt.

Finally I think she is old enough to own an electric sharpener!  So that's what I got her for her birthday...sort of a joke between us...and a stack of pretty pencils to go with it. I found a Laurel Burch makeup case that fit the pencils perfect.
 Uncle had to get in on the birthday so he noticed on the photo of her room the lone Eagles Foot Ball decoration on the cork board. So now he's added a pennant and every girl needs a softy bear, especially one in an Eagles jersey.
 Maybe a few more boxes and the room won't look so bare! I did send her under the bed storage boxes but now I think she needs a skirt to hide it.
So that's what I've been doing in between family crisis, one after another!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Duffle bag for Befuddled Quilt

This was so much fun to make. I've really enjoyed making the quilt and duffle bag with these bright colors and no rules!  I used blocks and fabric that was sent to me to make the yard of fabric needed for the outside. Instead of ugly metal D rings I used black plastic belt slides with jewels in them to give it a teenage look. This bag will serve as a way to pack up and travel as she moves around and also for storage. I also worked on other things for my DGD who is going off to college but I'll post those later and hope by then I have a new camera.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Befuddled almost done

I changed the width of the white strips and added the border to the top and halfway down the sides. One more strip of white on the bottom and the top will be complete.

Saturday I'll be on a big hunt for the batting that might have ended up being taken to the storage. I hate being ripped up like this. We just need a much larger place to live. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Befuddled top is almost done

I ran out of Kona white but I'll start working on the border until we have a shopping day. I tried to lay this out so all the ladies could see the blocks they sent. I have some blocks pulled aside for the duffle bag that will hold this quilt and some will go in the border. This quilt represents blocks and fabric from 31 States and two Countries. I think that's amazing!