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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Too many iron's in the pot

It's a good thing we are having Thanksgiving on Saturday because my grandson has to work Thanksgiving and black Friday.  I have so many things started...just started!  The kitchen table is so loaded down with train items I don't know where to go with them so we can eat!

The new enlarged train platform is finally done but not up and running yet.

The quilt...well it's moving along...slowly

I have 10 more blocks to put the green vine around by machine. Then I'll hand embroider the flowers over it, layer it and quilt it.  I also have the flower garden to quilt.

I found my Santa Bank from the 1940's. They use to give them to kids who started a bank account.

Our little tree is sort of up. The plug is broken so I have to pick up a new one.

I also found my wooden carved doll. She's waiting up for Santa with her bowl of cookies. Also my toy box music box that my son Mark bought for me one year.

Tomorrow I'll start the cooking. First will be the cookies and candy.

Everyone have a nice Thanksgiving. Enjoy the food and the company!

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Rita said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and your family. It is so good that you can be with some of your family members during this time of giving thanks. So thankful Bruce is still with you. I have wondered about Chrissy but have not asked. She was such a precious young teen when we emailed more. You helping her learn to sew from afar. Know that I am wishing you the best Thanksgiving yet. We will have a small one with several family members and thankful for those that we have too. I can already imagine the smell of turkey, mashed potatoes and pie. Many blessings to you and yours.