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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho!

How Merry today was with a package from Diane. (  Diane always has the cutest fabric's that make me laugh!  Today she sent me a package of cheer with a holiday theme. This is the cutest quilt, front and back. Just look at all the faces and hats on these Santa's!

It took me a long time just looking at each block on the front of the many different fabric's

An adorable label

I'm not quite ready to do the tables with Christmas but this looks like a good size for the top of my treadle machine.

Along with this great quilt Diane sent a piece of fabric that made me laugh!

Thanks Diane!  I enjoyed looking at all the blocks and thinking of a project for Santa on vacation!


O'Quilts said...

I knew that that Santa fabric would make you laugh. I got it when I lived in Miami.

Debby said...

Be still my heart. That is just TOOOOO cute!!!! What a happy package!!

Rita said...

When I saw these fabrics I knew that your friend had chosen just the right fabrics for you. You are such an artist with so much talent. You see the fabric and you know what to do with it right away. It always makes you happy! friend.

Rita said...

I can only think that you are feeling terrible. Otherwise I know you would let us know if you were ok. I am sure many thoughts and prayers are going up for you. Oh yes, forgot about face book since I don't use it. Maybe some of your friends are finding out how you are that way. Take care dear Bea.