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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Gift's lift my spirit

I'm not even going to feel bad about getting gifts in the mail because they have pulled me through some pretty awful days. I got a package on Saturday but it had been a bad night and I wasn't feeling good at all so I put the box aside.

Today I felt much better so early this morning I opened it. From the address on the box I new it was from Debby. ( ) If you follow her you will remember the outfits she put together for her sister...classy, each having just the right accessory. The cute bright gift bag held a very soft straw hat. Not the kind you would do garden work in but the kind you wear to pull an outfit together. I just love it...Thank You Debby.

Of course she didn't stop there. She included a bracelet of pretty blue beads. I just bought new jeans and a yellow top and seersucker jacket in blue and yellow. My outfit for next weeks infusion has been pulled together!

I've noticed most of the women at the cancer center dress poorly, hang a rag on their head and their body language says they are sick. I have no idea why they want to look like this. I go once a week. Each time I go I dress for the appointment. I think it makes everyone a little more cheerful.

You can see how nice the bracelet goes with with jeans.


O'Quilts said...

That is so so wonderful...That Debbie certainly has a heart...xxoo to you...You deserve it.

Debby said...

YAAA, Glad you liked it :)You are going to look so Sassy in your new things