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Monday, June 15, 2015

Some beauty and a little news

The house is surrounded with very large plants that I thought were Agave until they grew stalks. Today in the cloudy, rainy dark day the stalks all bloomed! What beauty with some of these being well over my head. I love surprises!

The latest in medical news is that after twice having Chemo it's pretty clear that I can't do it. It drops my blood count into the danger zone.  The option is trying another mix which will most likely do the same or just do nothing. For now we are just doing nothing. I wish I had known this before I lost all my hair...but it is what it is. 

Then we have the heart rate being off and my legs and tummy filling with water...dangerous of course...they gave me too much water pills and that threw my blood count off and sent my blood pressure to 82 over 46. Now I do have low BP, but this is just too low for even me. Standing up was an issue, turning my head was an issue....I found out what a dizzy blonde is!  

With these two being off it put the blood thinner in a spin. The number was so high they were thinking about keeping me in the hospital...oh no, not again.  So right now we are playing with pill amounts. Every morning I get on the scale and call in to report this to the nurse. I've lost 40 pounds. Some of this is actually fat but a lot of it was water. They said I lost the water too fast. I can say they are right since I had elephant legs one day and 2 days later my own legs came back!  

So that's about it. My clothes are hanging on me like they belong to someone else. I still can't get my shoes on and feel good in them but just being able to get them on at all is a great improvement. My hair is still falling out and I'm still buying cute hats but I'm hoping this stops soon with no Chemo. 

This week I'm beading some of the caps I bought but next week I want to layer the wool quilt and get it tied and put away for my son Dave. Then, maybe I can work on the flower quilt. I also have a flower quilt that needs layering that was from our Russian friend, Roolen. It's been 3 years that I've planned on finishing this...sad that I put it off so long...but now is the time to just do it! 
 This is Roolens beautiful quilt

 and this is mine somewhere near the finish line


Debby said...

Prayers for healing and feeling better!!! Good luck with your quilt, it is lovely

O'Quilts said...

The quilts are wonderful..I am glad u have the energy to do it. Sounds pretty awful in the hospital and chemo to me...I think you have been thru the ringer..And I am of the philosophy that no one knows hums along until something else happens...stay strong...Do you want scraps? anything special?? And do you live in that house?? hugs

Holee said...

Yes Diane, I live in this house. As for fabric and scraps I think my son will be stuck with a lot after I'm gone so I'm using what I have. Well, truth is I got caught up in a Thousands of Bolts sale and now I need to use the new up. I also got wool by the yard to make some winter bags...sounds like I'm planning for a long stay but I know that isn't going to happen. I know where I'm headed but the person inside that's always been me keeps jumping out and doing what's normal.

O'Quilts said...

Bea...The thing is that it is not over till its over...I think about you every brave you are. I want to be brave like you. Glad you are sewing..sending hugs.