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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Starting over....again

I haven't written about the treatment because it wasn't going so good. After the second Chemo once again it dropped my blood count to a dangerous level. So I won't be getting this treatment again. I've been pretty sick for a week. Twice they wanted to put me in the hospital but couldn't tell me what they were going to do to me so I just worked out the side effects at home.

To top it off, finally someone at the heart group decided all the water in my "elephant" legs was from the A fib and most likely I had heart failure twice or maybe even 3 times. I never had cellulitis. The new heart group decided to remove the water with water pills. After a week I had lost over 30 pounds and my skinny legs looked and felt like mine again. The awful pain I had just standing up on them is gone!

That all sounds good but it wasn't. They removed the water too fast which caused my blood count to drop even lower and my blood pressure to drop to 66 over 40. All treatment has stopped and all pills stopped too. I'll be starting the pills again on Monday at half the dose.

I'm thinking they get one more chance to get it right and if they don't, I'll just live out what time I have and try to enjoy it.

I have planted a small garden and an herb garden. I had started lavender early in the house and it's doing really well outside now. So I do get in a few of the things I enjoy and my son's make my life rich. They just know when I need a laugh or a hug.

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O'Quilts said...

Yeah Bea...keep on posting good or bad...good for you and good for you...sorry about all the mess in the treatment world...