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Friday, October 30, 2015

Look's like I'll see Thanksgiving!

Sorry Rita, I forget to post when I'm feeling good and busy.  First my son bought a new truck. We went to Pittsburgh to see the RA doctor. The ride was great, so much room and comfort built in.

I've been working on the 2 quilts. One is layered and ready to quilt and I'm working on the other one. I should soon have one to show.

The weather has been cold,  very cold. I went to the oncologist a few weeks ago. She said this has to be a slow growing cancer. By now she expected me to be bed ridden and sleeping most of the time. So I don't have to see her again for 4 months unless I start feeling sick.

Strange things happen when you get Chemo. They told me it would take the pigment out of my hair. Since it was already white at age 70 I didn't care. But I've grown "funny" hair. It's so thick it's like animal hair, a bear or a beaver! The color is mixed blonde, brown and red. It feels fuzzy and it's very curly, a wire like curl like in a pot washer. The hair on my legs is dark, dark brown. I've always been so fair I never had to shave my legs. But now it's just ugly so I have to wax it.

So for now things are okay. I'll try to post more often.


Debby said...

WOW!!! GO YOU!!!! Can't wait to see your quilts I know they will be breath taking :) I had to throw my new one in the corner for awhile as I was making one mistake after the other. Now working on Doll clothes, what was I thinking!!!!! Keep on keeping on lady!! And thanks for the update :)

O'Quilts said... at you, feisty thing!!! Forget your legs..whatever...Just sew and laugh and post and eat chocolate...xxoo

Rita said...

Bea, it is so good to know how you are doing. Can I ask what kind of sewing machine you use? I need to take mine in to be fixed I have waited long enough. If it cannot be fixed I will buy one but have no idea what kind.

Is there a fabric, flowered or plain, and a notion like special color of thread I could send your way? I have a few charm packs if you need a certain color of fabric. Just let me know and I'll do the best I can to get it in the mail this next week. ~ Rita

Holee said...

Rita, I no longer have your email or address to the new house. Lost a lot in this last move. I think you can email me from this blog. No, I don't need anything for sewing but I have something I want to give to you. I've been sorting out my stuff and giving some special things to people I know would enjoy them so Dave isn't stuck with all this girly stuff.

Rita said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Holee said...

Rita, I removed your post so your address isn't showing...Thanks, I'll email you

Rhonda said...

Hi Holee. You've been on my mind so I'll happy to read you post. I can't wait to see what you're working on. Here in central-ish Texas, sort of near Waco, it's cold one day and hot the next but the leaves are rapidly turning those great Autumn colors and squirrels are packing off the last acorns. Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, my friend!!