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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

United States Lawyers live in a gold mine

This morning we found out just why American Lawyers are living in a gold mine. Our insurance company, Progressive, said they have nothing to do with "our accident" since our car was parked and not occupied at the time.

Now it's all up to "The Hartford" insurance company, the insurance of the "other guy" to do the right thing. Of course, they won't, not until we hire a lawyer today.

Early this morning we got an email stating our car was totaled and it is OUR responsibility to notify the garage to release it for junk or WE will have to pay the bill for storage.

They also told us they are having the rental car picked up at my son's work at noon today. Since our car will not be in the shop being repaired, they aren't responsible for us having a car. They will be happy to help us find a low price rental at OUR expense.

WHAT????????? ARE THEY KIDDING?????????

I wasn't happy when they sent a rental car that was not handicapped. It was Easter weekend and without a handicapped van, I couldn't go to Church or visit my grandchildren. It also would keep me from going to the HGTV retreat and meeting my on line friends. But this is just rediculous!

Now I am really angry. Our street is one block long. The only reason for anyone to go down our street is if they live here, or if they need to park in the Court House EMPLOYEE parking lot across the street from our house. If I told a police officer that I was driving under the influence of heavy medicine, I would have been arrested for driving under the influence. I suspect this old lady works at the Court House. I'm sure the first words out of her mouth to the police was, "I work at the Court House". She wasn't arrested.

Another fact that we just learned was that HER car frame was broken. That says a lot. She must have passed out somewhere down the street, had her foot on the gas to the floor and built up enough speed to hit so hard that she broke the frame. It's a good thing the kids weren't standing outside waiting for the school bus.

Looks like WE need to hire a lawyer before days end!

A little push from a lawyer friend and we have the rental until the 21st.


Shogun said...


Have you seen a copy of the actual poliec report? Shogun

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

My goodness. so sorry your having all these problems with an accident that wasn't even your fault. Hopefully it will all end in your favor.

shawkl said...

Gosh, sorry for your troubles. But, so very happy that you or those darling grandkids were not outside when it happened. Yep, lawyer up gal!