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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


If you have read my last 2 posts, then you know this is not a good week for me. I don't know how I made it through yesterday only to wake up to the car accident. When you are old and sickly, these kind of things make you shake from the inside out. I was headed for bed but thought I'd check the mail first.
I have been saved by Tom,, and not any too soon either! I have always relied on imagination and the world of make believe to get me through life's hard times. Tom sent me the most adorable Fairy fabric today. It made me smile! And that's a good thing considering the down slide I've been on.

I just bought some Kona solid pink so this will make a beautiful pillow with ruffles & lace trim for in my sewing room which I might be able to re-open next week. I've had it closed for the winter because of the cold. Along with this pillow will go the one made by Donna,, a very good match.

THANK YOU TOM! Without this surprise, I would be in bed..trying to avoid the rest of the week. Instead, I pulled out my art project for April and I'll finish it today.

(good I took this photo, the pole needs to be moved)

Up Date...Finished


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Holee, thanks for stopping by my blog - sorry you've been having a bad time lately, hope things perk up now!
Lucy x

everythingquilts said...

Holee, I did read your post yesterday and was just at a loss for words. I can't begin to imagine your pain. I just never know what to say at times like these. I thought about you all day yesterday and today. I'm glad you could find a bright spot in your day. I just want you to know I am thinking of you.


Holee you are not old in my book old is 80 years. We are not old at 64 or 65 we have only started to get old. LOL