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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Just to cute to not share

I am having so much fun with this little quiltie! Tom,, you will recognize where I got the Gnomes from. Thanks to Tammy,, I have that wonderful book she sent to copy from!

I have Gnomes and Gnome houses cut out all over the room. I started making one for a swap, then added one for me, and just because it's so cute, I decided to make 2 more just in case I need one someday for a gift. Each one is a little different because the book gave me too many idea's!

I have lots to add. Lots of embroidery, clothes in the basket and other embellishments, but what fun I am having! (Tomorrow I have to get back to Barbie stuff)

The idea came from, who is making a table runner. I also have a table runner cut out but knew I could cut it down to size for a mini quilt.


Shogun said...

That is very cute - gnomes doing their laundry! Those tiny barbie fashions look incredible. Have any close up photos of them on here?

Holee said...

Not yet on the Barbie clothes. I am stacking up all the outfits and then I'll embellish them all at once. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have them all done.

calamity kim said...

oh, that is just darlin!!! I love it! I really like the gnomes and the gnome mama hanging out her laundry! Excellent work! Thank you for sharing it with me! I can't wait to see it finished!

Tom H said...

Watch out Holee! Those Gnomes can be addictive. Very nice little quilt too.

everythingquilts said...

If that isn't the cutest thing. Becky told me I needed to come see your gnomes mini and I'm glad I haven't missed seeing it. It's sew adorable.