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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy in the land of mini fashion

When your mailbox fills up with, "Are you ok?", "What's wrong", "Where are you?", it's time to post!

I have been so busy with things that I can't post yet. I am living in the "tiny" world of fashion right now, trying to get a gift made for a special someone. I am working on 42 tiny pieces. Besides the outfits, there are handbags, totes, pillows, sleeping bag, back pack, hats, and a few other tiny items. I have made a dent in the outfits, but there will be a lot of embellishments in the future, velcro, bows, buttons, beads, ribbons, some leather items & some undies.

For now, I'll give you a peek so you know where I am and what I'm up too! model is missing her top, but I did make one!

We finished up the HGTV Mini swap with only one person failing to complete a quilt..shame on her! But that didn't darken the way. We have started our second mini swap with a theme of Summer. So far every quilter has checked in and have been posting about the quilt they will make. I expect the second round to have a 100% finish!

I sent off my DQ6 quiltie and am waiting for one to appear in my mailbox anytime now! I also sent off my private swap to Germany and am waiting for one to arrive from that partner. I also finished my Little Logs quiltie. I ordered something special to go with it and hope it arrives in time. Otherwise I'll just send off the quilt and she'll have an extra surprise coming.

This will be hard to see but I just love the way the quilting turned out on the Little Logs quilt. I used a feather wreath motif. Can't show the quilt yet, but this was a hard one to give away. I was able to order more of the fabric's so I will be making myself one.


tisme said...

I just wanted to say I will miss seeing you while at the retreat. Maybe someday it will be closer to you again, and your son can bring you. I will send you lots of pics and I am sure Donna is taking her laptop and will keep you up to date.
BUT, most of all, the most important thing is I hope and pray your surgery helps and you are feeling better!!!!

Holee said...

Thanks Tammy. I'll be thinking about all of you having such a great time!

Surgery is still on but I will most likely have to cancel it. They took our rental car away today and I don't want to hitch hike to Pittsburgh!

Looks like a huge battle in the days ahead with Hartfort Ins. Co. AARP's insurance. Old people are way out of hand with their driving rights since they are backed by AARP.


Holee you are a busy girl. Sorry to hear about the car business. I hope that gets cleared up soon. Also what surgery? I haven't started my mini yet but did get the fabric today. Have a great evening Darlene

shawkl said...

What a great looking stash of doll clothes! My DGD would love those! Do you ever make any to sell Holee, or are those for a doll swap?

You are always so busy! Sorry about the surgery and insurance companies can be a bear!

I know for my sister, her house burned in January...and they were pretty quick about initial things...but wanted to argue on the contents. We won in the end however...with 2 3-ring binders of inventory, complete with current prices and photos of the items (it pays for little sis to have a detail oriented big sis)...but what a job that was!! She settled on the contents in August!

Will miss you at COF...Hugs.

everythingquilts said...

Holee, I wanted to stop by before laying down and tell you we'll be thinking of you while we're away. Me and my sis were talking today about how we both would really love to meet you.
You are always busy doing something for others. The poodle skirt on Barbie is really cute.
I love the fabric you used in your mini and almost bought some today but had to talk myself out of it.
I'll be sending you some pics in the next day or two.
Hugs, Donna

Tracy said...

OOOOh...I would love to get this! I still love Barbie!