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Friday, April 3, 2009

Feeling pretty Special

What a horrible past 2 days I've had! Cold, rain, headache! To top it off this morning I discovered the pot of sauce and meatballs I spent 3 hours cooking yesterday was still sitting on the stove. Tonights dinner is in the trash and I'm stumped for what to make now.

That sort of tells me that when I am feeling sick I should just go to bed!

Yesterday also brought the grumpy mailman to my door complaining about all the packages he has to deliver to my house. The problem here is I am just about the only person with a computer. It's an old town with old ideas. When I mentioned the computer to my neighbor, she told me she wouldn't have one of those evil things in her house.

So, my 3 day mail sat at the post office until today because the poor guy couldn't carry it all. I did tell him that just about everything I buy comes from the computer so he might as well find a way to deal with it now.

Today my mail was delivered and what a surprise was waiting for me inside the box! I have no idea why I would deserve these treats that Donna keeps sending me. I love my little quilt she sent and now this pillow with hand embroidery. You would think she had nothing to do! But she is busy getting ready for a retreat and made 70 gifts for the ladies. So again, One Big Thank You Donna! You just amaze me!


everythingquilts said...

Now, Holee you signed up for my PIF gifts. You may have forgotten but I didn't forget! I knew you needed a taste of spring and this was the best way I knew how. I thought it would be cute on porch chair. I guess I'm hoping it warms up enough to spend some time sitting out on your porch. I don't even know if you have one but with that beautiful view you have, I do hope you have a porch to enjoy it from.

Holee said...

Oh, I didn't forget! I have to PIF too, just have to finish up the special gifts I am making first.

If the sun ever shines I'll feel a lot better. It's calling for high wind and snow showers tonight..ugh

Lisa said...

Ahh Donna's such a sweetie... Wait both of you are sweeties always there to help someone out..
Guess I need to send some sunshine to PA for Holee, we finally received some today after 3 days of much needed rain... But the sunshine's not lasting long more rain coming Sunday night and monday with us dipping to 41º tuesday night...
Let's hope this is the last cold snap for us all...

Kathy said...

A beautiful pillow, a wonderful welcome for Spring. We had sunshine yesterday after several days of rain. More rain today too.