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Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was just putting on coffee this morning when I heard a bang and then scrapping. I had avoided looking out the window because I didn't want to see the snow. It sounded to me like the snow plow blade being lowered and snow being pushed down the street.

Then someone knocked at the door. The police station is across the street so it didn't surprise me to see a policeman standing on the porch. "Do you have a blue Chevy Blazer", he asked. I looked over his shoulder to point to our blue blazer, but it wasn't there.

Instead, the police car was pulled into the spot it had been sitting when we went to bed last night. I followed the tire track in the snow. Our Blazer was sitting about 100 feet up the street on the sidewalk.

By this time my son was out of the shower and on the porch with us. The policeman told us it was hit by an older woman who stated she was on "heavy" medicine and thinks she fell asleep.

Why do OLD PEOPLE drive when they know they shouldn't? I'm old and on medicine. My van sits in the garage. We didn't even get it inspected this year. Yes, it is so inconvenient, but so is killing someone or keeping young people from driving to work because you totaled their car. How selfish of OLD PEOPLE to ignore FACTS. Being on medicine a doctor gave you is no different then drinking until your drunk and getting behind the wheel of a car.

The OLD LADIES husband arrived on the scene and walked over to me grinning..GRINNING, for what? I said to him, "I see your wife isn't asleep anymore. I hope they take her license." He stopped grinning. Then he said, "But, she's on medicine, it's not her fault." I lost it. I'm afraid I raised my voice. "WELL THEN", I said, "IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR LETTING HER GET BEHIND THE WHEEL."

The officer then told us that "SHE" would have to retake the driving test and have a statement from her doctor that she can drive while taking her medicine. I already know a doctor will not put that in writing. That would make him responsible for her NEXT accident. So, at least one OLD LADY is off the road this morning and won't be out there KILLING anyone.

When the tow truck came, we took a look at her car. Funny how the one who does the damage usually drives away, while the innocent person is left without a car.

Her car can be fixed. While our car will be junked. She won't be able to drive if the officer has anything to do with it (Thank you Officer!), while my son will have to purchase a new car to get to work.

Yep, I'm angry.


TattingChic said...

"but she's on medication it's not her fault" MY FOOT!!! She had a choice whether or not to drive while on THAT medications and she should still be held accountable and charged with a DUI at least because she WAS driving under the influence of an substance.
How frustrating. Hope your son gets the insurance settlement that is fair!!!

Shogun said...

Hi Holee -
How frustrating. Very sorry this happened.

I work in a hospital and know about these driving tests from doctors and the people who are not authorized to drive.

Losing the permission/ability to drive is very difficult and it is pretty common for people to resist and drive anyway when they shouldn't.

I am guessing her meds came with a warning not to drive. She probably just didn't follow it. And I am sure they will not authorize her to drive again.

I hope your son can find a way to get to work and this all works out for both of you. Thank goodness your son wasn't in that car and it was empty!