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Sunday, April 5, 2009


When I lived in Lancaster, Pa., 4 years ago, we lived on a farmette. I guess you would call it a tiny farm. One of the things I miss is sitting all night in the barn waiting for the chicks to hatch.

I thought since Easter is a week away I'd show you the miracle I use to be able to watch. I spent many nights in the barn watching our chicks hatch. The first sign would be a tiny hole in the egg.

As the day went on, the chick would peck around the top of the egg until he had pecked a full circle and had broken it free, like a cap.

It took hours for him to get to this stage of hatching.

The chicks were not pretty when they finally got most of the way out. They were exhausted from the fight and usually just stopped once they had gotten most of the way out.

After resting for some time, the fight was on to free it's self from the egg shell.

Once free, he was put into a warmer. If there were other chicks in the warmer that were up and walking around, they would huddle around the chick to warm him.

Sometimes we had baby quail that were only half the size of the chickens, but if they were a day or two older, they did the natural thing and took care of the newborn chick.

Soon the chick would dry and fluff and be up eating and drinking.

Newborn quail

I miss living in Lancaster. I miss the farmette, the huge vegetable garden I had, the experience of seeing new life, the Amish families. Lancaster was home. There is nothing worse then living where it's not home. Home is where the heart heart is in Lancaster.


Rita said...

Oh Holee can you go back to Lancaster? Even to a different place if the old one is not available? I had to leave my home too although I am in the same city around the same people so it lightens the pain some. You are such a loving special person. Why are you in Idaho anyway.....if I can be so presumptious as to ask? You are the one that taught me about KonKer Cancer and I'll be making pillow cases as soon as I retire. I just wish the very best for you and want your heart to be happy. Sometimes the best thing is to go back to what we loved most if we can.

Holee said...

Oh Rita, I don't live in Idaho, my one son lives there. I live in North West Pa., almost floating in lake Erie.

I live with my oldest son. His Job brought us here. We almost were headed back to Lancaster until the economy got bad. Now I don't know what will happen.

Yes, I am home sick, especially this time of the year. Everything is so busy, all the animals are making new life, gardens are being plowed, yard sales are starting. Here, it's still snowing.

Maybe soon..maybe.

Holee said...

Oh, darn, old age! I forgot to say I am so happy to hear you will be making pillow cases! How sad to think of so many children passing through our hospital Cancer Centers. Just giving one smile to these children is so important.

Thank you for caring!

tisme said...

Oh Bea! I loved seeing the baby chickens hatch. My grandparents on my Moms side had a farm, and I remember watching the baby calves being born. And the baby pigs were just the coolest thing.
I hope and pray that someday you will get back to Lancaster. It comes through online how much you love the area and the people there.
Thanks for the congrats on my Mom`s great news. My mom`s side of the family has always been a loving tight knit family and we are always there for each other. This is about 25-30 people that are there for each other no matter what!!!! I can not imagine not having them. My grandparents were the best!!! And boy does it show in that family.

Rhonda said...

Hi Holee, your post brought back some memories for me....feeding the chickens, gathering eggs, watering the cows and horses and churning butter. Thanks for making me remember. Take care.

One Craft at a Time said...

I've really enjoyed seeing your pics of the little chickies hatching. I never had a chance to see that first hand. I know how you feel about not feeling like where you're at is home. I feel that way about Columbus even though I've been here 30 years. My husband is from here so when he got out of the service this is where we came. I would be much happier living down south (Kentucky, Tenn., Alabama). I hope you get to go back where you love it the most one day. And by the way, it's okay if you don't always clean the knobs on the stove. Don't tell Donna but I'm not as particular as I used to be.

everythingquilts said...

Okay, you two!! I see you talking about me, LOL. Holee, I love the pics of the baby chicks. I know what you mean about missing home. There are so many things about Ky that I miss, but I am happy here in Ga. Maybe because I know I can drive up and be there in just a few short hours. I think that if I was as far from home as you are it would be difficult.
I have to tell you I have been working all day trying to load pics for that tutorial and write up each step. GEEZ, that took me forever, way longer then it took to make the things. Next time I'll just video me making them and make it easy on myself. But back to the point. Once I clicked save and went back to my blog I started reading all the new post of my favorite bloggers and I died laughing when I read the comment you left on my sisters blog. So, I then came over to visit you and had to laugh some more. I really needed it, thanks!!!

everythingquilts said...

Holee, I had to come tell you about a great site I came across today and she is also having a giveaway. I posted about it on my blog so you can go sign up for it. But you better hurry, sign up ends tonight. You may have already signed up, but I wanted to make sure you didn't miss the chance to win some of her cute patterns and things.

tisme said...

Holee, I found this cute little pattern for Gnome egg covers and had to come and give you the link. I hope it works