Bee's Hive

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Flag Day Farm, little logs

I had to get away from the household problems so I opened my charm packs of Moda Flag Day Farm. I have 4 mini's to make by July for swaps. I love this fabric. I bought some yardage to go with it and a special fabric also.

The charm packs are short on red fabric so I'm adding from my stash. I bought several different designs in charm packs and yardage to go with them. Some of the colors are way out of my comfort zone. I thought this was a good way to force myself into other colors rather then traditional colors. The next packs I'll open will be "Pack your bags."


Tom H said...


Reds do rule, don't they!

tisme said...

You can never go wrong with red!!!
I have a secret to share with you, so will email you that. :)

Holee said...

I think my love for red came with my first pair of red high heels. I loved looking at my feet in them!

Then came the red winter coat with the black velvet collar.

I keep telling myself I like pastels, but I had to remove my red fabrics from the bins and give them their own closet!

Anonymous said...

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