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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Win, A gift & some special carvings!

I'm so behind because of the cold, damp weather we are having. The report for the next 15 days doesn't go above 75 with cold nights and lots of rain. This is just not good weather for someone with Rhuematoid Arthritis.

I wanted to post about my win on the SewMamaSew day. Over at She asked for stories about aprons. If you have followed my blog you have seen the tiny aprons I am making. Recently the aprons brought about a very nice day at the nursing home. So this is what I posted and I WON!

"I recently found a Simplicity pattern for tiny old fashioned aprons to be used as ornaments. First I turned them into pin cushions, barbie aprons, recipe holder, etc.One day I was going to the nursing home to visit and needed something to take along to put a smile on the ladies faces. The gift of the day was bottles of hand lotion. I quickly sewed elastic on the little aprons and slid them on the bottles.The sweetest thing happened. A little old gentleman turned down the glass case offered to the men and asked for an apron because it reminded him of his mother. The stories of his mother & her apron flowed for the next 2 hours and kept everyone entertained, many jumped in with a story of their own. I learned an apron is not just an apron, but a world of memories!"

I won a box of non quilting fabric and beautiful trims. Since this story doesn't really belong to me, but to the fellow in the home, I decided I owed him a nice lap quilt and set out to find some nice blues, perfect for a gentleman.

This brings me to today's mail. My friend Tom,, sent me the most wonder package today. He must have an inside line with the fellow at the nursing home!

Just perfect for this lap quilt, of course, I think I'll add a little red!

I had put in an order with Tom for some special carvings for my Christmas bags. I thought he would just screw in a hanger on some ark animals and that would be that. I should have known better. These are the smallest little animals. Just perfect for a tiny tree! It's just so exciting to have these special gifts for some pretty special people! Thanks so much for this wonderful box. It certainly made my day!


One Craft at a Time said...

The weather here is lousy too!!! It dropped into the fifties today while I was at work.

Those carvings are fabulous! Whoever is getting those sure is lucky!

Your apron story is great. You're always doing something special for someone. I wish I was able to come visit with you when Talia, Kathy and Tammy are coming but I'll be in Ky. that weekend.

Stay warm!!!

everythingquilts said...

Holee, Love your apron story. I bet those aprons are darling. You're always doing the sweetest things for others. I'm glad you won.
It's down right hot here. It takes your breath when you get in the car after it has set in the drive all day. But I'm glad to say the mosquitoes aren't near as bad as they were last year. Just think about all those beautiful flowers that rain will bring. Me and Becky would have loved to come for the visit. But there's always another day!!!!

tisme said...

I am so glad you won a gift!! And those little carvings are fantastic!! WOW, that would have been some visit with Donna and Becky being there too!!
Maybe I will have to take a vacation and go see Donna, I could use some of that heat!!

Shogun said...

Holee -

We have also had 60's and cloudy, damp weather for several weeks. The mosquitos are unbearable.

I just loved the apron story and those carvings are great - that giraffe is my favorite.