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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday, work and play

After reading the blog of a friend yesterday,, and seeing her wonderful oatmeal cookies, I remembered I needed to use up a lot of chocolate before the heat hits, if that ever happens. Last night it fell to 39, not what you would call melting weather.

Once that was out of the way I started on sewing machine covers for a Christmas swap I am having. I never realized how many different sizes of machines there are. I am making 6 of these covers. Not one is the size the cover calls for and not any of them are the same size! I just hope they all end up fitting the machines after I adjusted the pattern so many times.

I was very lucky in getting washable cotton velvet in almost the same colors as the pattern shows. I did go for a darker brown on the cat for more contrast.


Shogun said...

I like that cat and I like cookies......

Sherry said...

Oh those look good! I need to go buy some chocolate.

Last night's temp was 75! Today it got up to 95. Enjoy your cold weather!

everythingquilts said...

OH so yummy!! You must have made a double or triple batch.
That sure is a lot of machine covers to make. My sewing room is in such a mess my machine is about the only thing no covered, LOL.
The cat pattern your working on looks really cute.
I have finally got caught up enough to actually go back to making quilts and preparing to make gifts for Christmas too.

Gina said...

struggling to use up chocolate is not a problem I encounter in this house. Finding new places to hide it so it can be rationed is though. LOL

Love and hugs Gina xxx