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Monday, June 15, 2009

Kim's Fairy dust has made magic in Pennsylvania!

It must be magic, fairy dust magic! There is just no other way to explain winning something this wonderful!

I entered this give away only because I hadn't seen Kim's Gnome table runner in her posts and wanted to make sure she hadn't put it aside in the unfinished project bin. Maybe it was Gnome dust???

Kim, from, offered a 36 x 24 hand tufted 100% wool rug, make in India. The Rug Company is: . Now click on the link and go check out all the beautiful rugs...and they are having a Sale right now!

I WON! Can you believe that? I can't believe it!

Well now I have to make something in crazy quilting to match this and of course paint my toe nails in preperation for standing on this the first time!

If you haven't visited Kim's blog take a run over and enjoy her blog. She IS an artist. I enjoy everything she makes. She never makes just your plain jane and I've come to expect the unusual from her. She makes me smile! Today....she put Stars in my eyes! Thanks Kim & Thanks CSN Rug Company!


shawkl said...

That's super! Good things should happen to good people...and I'm just tickled for you!!

Gina said...

Congratulations. You deserve my friend as you are such a good person. I'm so pleased for you

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Shogun said...

I am so glad you won!

It's beautiful.

Are you getting warm weather thre yet? We shot up to the 80s after all those weeks of cool weather.

tisme said...

Oh Holee!! I am so glad you won!!
See good things do happen to good people!! I hope you paint your toenails red!! And I hope we get to see pics of your toes on the rug.

calamity kim said...

did you get it yet?