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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I will have a wonderful GIVE AWAY after the Holiday!

I am finally catching up on all the swaps and charity items. It's time for a Give Away! So keep it in mind for after the Holiday weekend.

Remember the beautiful carpet I won on, site? The Carpet is from CSN,, it didn't arrive yet but I understand it will be shipped after July 10th. Well, another arm of CSN has given me a chance to do a GIVE AWAY of my own!

ALL MODERN,, allowed me to pick a gift from their Office Accessories department to offer as a Give Away!

The Give Away will end on July 21st, my birthday, so I'll be adding something to this gift! So click on the link and go see all the great stuff they have from some great designers! Remember...COME BACK and enter the contest!


Rita said...

I had to smile when at first I thought your blog read your 21st birthday. I don't care a thing about being 21 again do you? =)
Please put me down for the give away.

Shogun said...

Alright - a birthday!!

Holee said...

No way Rita! It took me to long and too many bumps to get here! It was a biggy when I turned 21. That was the legal age waaaaay back then!

I can't put you'll have to come back Tuesday and post.

I have to go shopping so I can add some things to the nice gift I am being allowed to give away!

Rita said...

ok, will do. Guess I wasn't paying attention! :)

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday Month! I just bloghopped over here from Talia's blog and saw the beautiful gifts you sent her! That stitched box is GORGEOUS! :)

everythingquilts said...

Holee, I had to come and tell you how gorgeous your CQ jewerly box is that you sent to Talia. Is is so elegant. I want to stitch like you when I grow up. I wish I had half of your creative talent.
Glad to hear you are finally getting caught up some. I know you have made a ton of gifty things in the past few months, and all just amazing pieces.
I had no idea your Bday was this month, but I'm glad to know.