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Friday, May 29, 2009

A Thank You from Katelyn

Today I got a beautiful card from Katelyn, thanking me for the Barbie clothes. It looks to me like Katelyn has inherited her Grandma and Aunt Becky's abilities in the field of Art! I opened the card, just as you see it here, and hung it on the wall over my sewing area so I can look at it everyday. It's a wonderful card, Katelyn!

I also got a sweet video of all the children opening the box and enjoying the pops I sent! Donna also sent me a very generous gift to my favorite Charm shop.

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everythingquilts said...

Holee, the kids have really enjoyed the things you sent them. Katelyn couldn't get enough X's and O's for you on the back of that card, we had to make her stop so we could get it in the mail finally. She made a couple cards before she got one she thought was just right. Thank you so much, I want you to know I truly appreciate all you do for others.