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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A gift with my HGTV mini quilt

Listed on my side bar is a link to the HGTV2 mini swap that is coming to an end. Today my quiltie arrived from bluesnail along with a box of tiny quilts, including a crazy quilt.

I know a doll house that just got some new quilts!


Shogun said...

I've already said this, but these are just wonderful!

Rita said...

I've been reading my bible and the scripture I read last evening said that God walks among us. He cares about us. I believe he will look out for you because you are His creation and dear to his heart. I hope you can find peace in prayer. That's how I do it. It is all I have.

I learned to make pillow cases for the children from you.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

How cute. I love your minis.

Gina said...

great quilt and I love the little box

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Sherry said...

The BOX! I love the box! Oh...the minis are okay too. ;) I honestly think they are precious, but I'm not into minis.

When you throw your stuff in the truck, head my way! While not in a yurt in the middle of the dessert, I do have the prerequisite heat. 75 at night 95 during the day. And I have a POOL! With floats that have cup holders in them. I bought some of those acrylic glasses that just fit and hold just enough I mean iced tea. ;)

talia said...

Oh holee! I was there at AC Moore in NH with Lois when she purchased that box! She told me what her plan was so i decided to buy one to copy her. Well, i tried, and tried to make something THAT small but I just couldn't get anything that small! I am enjoying looking at what she made for you and sheesh, i'm in amazement! Perhaps after seeing her work, I will now get some ideas to fill my little box and pay it forward as I had hoped!