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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Thank you Wendy for the Fabric's

Today the box came from Wendy over at, my win from Sewmamasew's give away day.

Forty years ago I bought a decons bench to keep by the front door and house my 4 kids hats, gloves and bookbags. I still love this bench that now serves as a place for fabric storage. A few months ago I purchased a nice piece of Maple to replace the seat. The project plan is to refinish the bench and after replacing the wood seat, make a cushion for the bench.

Orange is my least favorite color but Wendy sent a very heavy mohair fabric in pale peach along with a light weight fabric. I think I will line the light fabric with batting and use both fabrics for the bench and pillows to pull it together in the livingroom. She also sent wonderful trims that will make the pillows stand out!

Thanks Wendy! I'll put it all to good use!


Rhonda said...

Holee what beautiful fabric. Lucky you!!! Any of them would look great on your bench.
Take care.

Sherry said...

Very pretty fabric! Will truly dress up your deacon's bench.

Re you comment on my blog...I know what you mean about sewing (or quilting) becoming a 'job.' It is for pleasure for me too. When my son was small, I was a stay-at-home mom...made items to sell at craft fairs...did not keep any of it in my home for a reminder. Even sold a few quilts back then. Won't be doing that any more!

With husband's grand-nieces and their American Girl dolls, I have enjoyed making clothes with them and hope to do it again...if their vacations here coincide with me being home.

Meantime, my son's girlfriend has 3 charming little I may very well get more sewing time in for them.

everythingquilts said...

Congats on winning.The fabrics will look great on that bench. Love the bench by the way. I was glad to read that you were able to get out for a small shopping trip.
Hugs, Donna

Wendy said...

Holee-- I love your bench. I hope the fabrics will work for you OK. I didn't use to like shades of orange either, and I still don't wear it very much, but for some reason I love to dress my boys in it. Go figure. We all have the same red hair. Anyway, thanks again for your story, it was nice.

Shogun said...

That bench is beautiful and sounds like a fun project to fix it up. I like the challenge of using a color or fabic that I might not have picked myself. Will you show us when you are done?

lani said...

Holee nice bench and great it