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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I will most likely make some people angry with what I am about to say, but I just don't care. The Lovely Little Log quilt I posted yesterday is only the second blog land quilt that came on time. I really want to Thank Lucyellen & Karissa for sending off the quilts on time.

Made by Karissa for me in the March stud swap
Someone in Germany contacted me to do a personal swap. I made the quilt and sent it off. She has posted it but I am still waiting for a quilt from her.

Sent to my private swap German partner

The first swap I was in, the swapper just didn't send a quilt, not only to me, but to several other swappers.

I joined DQ6 swap. I posted about not having a photo album for my partner to go by after my partner failed to have a photo album or a blog so I could make her a quilt that she would like. I was contacted about my "attitude" by the Swap Mama. I thought my attitude was pretty good since everyone was required to have a flickr album. I made a quilt I thought was perfect for my partner and sent it off a few weeks later. The swap is over. I am still waiting for a quilt.
Made by me for DQ6
The swap Mama sent her quilt off the last day of the swap. She posted on her blog that she "Just wasn't feeling it, ya know". Makes me wonder how she would expect others to be on time when she left it go to the last minute, quilting her swap quilt on April 30th when the swap was over on May 1st. I didn't like the email she sent me, and I didn't like her swap or her attitude. I'm allowed to say that, since this is MY blog.

I have my little logs quilt going in the mail tomorrow to my partner. It's early. I could have sent it off 2 weeks ago but I ordered antique cards from a German company for this partner that I knew she would like. They haven't come, so off goes the quilt to her with a different surprise.

I just finished a mini swap on HGTV. I was the swap mama. One person kept contact right up to the end and then sent no quilt and vanished. One other person was late.

I am running the second swap. I'm keeping a closer watch this time. Everyone must check in and post where they stand on the quilt. The quilts are due in the mail by July 10th. I ended up with 3 partners for special reasons. I have all 3 quilts started and ready to assemble. I gave everyone extra time because of all the holidays between May 30th and July 4th and school ending. There will be no reason for any of the swappers to be late....none.

Where were quilters when they were taught early on to meet deadlines. Didn't we all have to meet deadlines when we went to school? Don't we expect our children to turn in work on time? Why do quilters think they can get away with signing up for swaps and simply saying "life got in the way"? My swapping in blog land is over.

I am counting on the ladies on HGTV to complete the second swap with a lot of fun and on time. So far they have made this second swap a great journey. THANKS LADIES!
Swapping is suppose to be fun, Not something annoying that makes you wonder if you will get a quilt in the end. I think after my German partner asked me to swap, she decided to wait until she got her quilt before she sent me one. I just don't expect people to treat me that way. When I say I'm going to do something, I do it and I do it on time.


tisme said...

I agree with you Holee!!! I have had to drop out of two swaps. I let the swap mama know ahead of time and have never taken anything that I was not entitled too. I just could not get the size down for a block swap, so will never do that again, but I was in constant contact with the swap mama. The other one was CQ blocks, but I did let Nicki know in time and did not get any blocks sent to me. I would never and I mean NEVER agree to send one on one and not carry through. If something happened that I could not make that swap, I would not take what was made for me!! I was raised to always stick to my word!!! I think that with blog land being so big and just to inpersonal to so many people, that they think they can get stuff from others with out doing anything in return.
Holee, you do wonderful work, and I am sure there are wonderful quilters out there that would love to trade you one on one. Maybe you should consider doing swaps where one person gets all the swap items and then sends them out. It does cost a little more, but you are guarenteed to get your item back.
I guess some people just weren`t raised to have morals, and pride in themselves.

Holee said...

I'm sorry to say Tammy, that doesn't work either. One swap on HGTV went very wrong. The host kept all the good stuff and sent out the junk. Several of us noticed the dozen things we had sent in were not posted and we got no thanks for them.

That's why if it's not a direct swap, I don't join. I'd much rather find nice people and make them a surprise then find myself looking in a mailbox everyday and finding nothing..and wanting to grab someone and give them a good shake.

I'm sure I'll get my one on one swap from Germany sooner or later. I just don't like the way she handled it.

Tom H said...

Holee, I am glad you wrote what you did. I am not the only ol' grouch out here. Just kiddin, just kiddin. You're not an ol' grouch....but I am! We need to develop a LIST of dependable swappers (no deadbeats). Or maybe a list of DEADBEATS.


Holee I am sorry that has happened to you of all people. I have been screwed on more than one swap but in crochetland. That is why I am careful about what I sign up for. I remember one gal who thanked me profusely for what I sent her then never sent me mine. They had what they called swap angels to send gifts to anyone who didn't receive something. A nice man sent me some things from Canada. Anyway so far in quiltland I have gotten what I was supposed to. I hope the ladies come thru for youy

Holee said...

The shame is that we need swap angels. If people still had pride in themself, we wouldn't need any backup.

Then we wonder why todays kids do the things they do. They have their parents as examples.

Lisa said...

Sorry your having such a bad time with swaps. I was taught to complete what joined. In the years I've been with HGTV I can't remember ever dropping out of a swap. However I have been late a few times cause life has gotten in the way...
Your not a grouch Holee your just tired of disrespectful people...