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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tiny Aprons

We rented a car and went shopping on Saturday. Yep, we are still without a car. We have no quilt shops anywhere around. The only fabric offering is Jo-Ann's. I never buy fabric from them but they were having a sale on Patterns.

I found this Simplicity pattern. The little aprons are just too cute! I've been playing around with them and think I can turn them into other things beside tree ornaments. With a little here and a little there they will make cute pin cushions, sachets, pot holder decor, a mini quilt and of course they even fit Barbie!


everythingquilts said...

If those aren't the cutest things. I love them.

nuquiltr said...

I love them! Now I'll have to go find one for me!!
Have a good day, I enjoy reading your blog, everyday.

Hugs, nuquiltr

Sherry said...

What a cute pattern! I've been thinking about hanging a "clothes line" above my kitchen window and hanging a couple of my mother's aprons across as a valance/curtain/whatever.

We had a 'cool' day yesterday. Barely got over 70. ;) It's all in the perspective isn't it?!

I figure I had about $100 worth of door prizes. The bag is $50 or so by itself! Funny thing...I told DH I wanted one for Christmas to hook to my jean belt loops for riding. I told him not to get the fringed bag! And look what I won!!