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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

Wow, it's been a full weekend already and it's only half over! After having some ankle surgery in the wee hours of Thursday morning, I spent yesterday getting the cast cut off because of swelling. Everything is under control again so this morning I was able to enjoy yesterday's mail.

Swap last! Maybe Mother's Day was a good time for them to arrive!

My quilt came from Germany. The theme was vacation/holiday, places we enjoyed. This little quilt is a scene from Italy. I've lived in Italy and can tell you Susi caught the beach just as it is! She also sent along a German candy bar..which is gone! The chocolate was just too creamy to take tastes so it didn't last very long! That was not a good breakfast, but its Mother's Day! She also sent German tea which I'll try later today.

Thanks Susi, I love the little quiltie!

The DQ6 arrived also from Roxie in Calif. Although she waited until the last day to send it which is never a good idea, some of the shipping problem was due to her not using a free flat rate priority envelope for $4.95 which would have arrived from Calif. in 3 days.

Maybe future swaps should address shipping.

She used RED which is my favorite color. She is a new quilter and she did a splendid job.

She also sent a lot of FQ's in my favorite colors, some very cute birds and Dove candy.

But the nicest surprise was that Roxie took the time to make a pillow case for Conkerr Cancer. My goal for the year is 100 cases, might not make it, but each case counts towards the total so that made me very happy! Having sons, Roxie made a cute cowboy pillow case, her first!

I hope she took the time to explain to her boys that this pillow case would go to some child just about their ages who is very sick. I think it's always good to let our children know that charity is a wonderful thing and warms your heart when you give.

Thank you Roxie for the nice package!

The next surprise that came in Saturday's mail was from Becky. Last Christmas Becky sent me a wonderful tatted heart and a very pretty handmade card. I love pretty cards and keep them displayed all year so I can enjoy them. Yesterday she sent another beautiful card and a RED tatted bird. The red bird couldn't be more perfect!

Thank you Becky ever so much for taking the time to make the tatting and the special card!


One Craft at a Time said...

Happy Mother's Day Bea!!! Sorry to hear you had to have surgery. Hopefully, everything is ok now. I'm glad you got the card and bird. It's not as nice as getting a quiltie but I'm trying to make a fabric postcard. I fell in love with some Asian fabrics I saw at the retreat in NH so we'll see what I come up with. I've tatted a dragon so far for it. Now I'm at a stand still. Everyone is so creative with theirs. I'm thinking about adding some painting to it. I just need to figure out what to paint.

Hope you're having a good day!!



Happy Mom's Day Bea. You did good on the mail very pretty stuff

Roxanne =b said...

Hello... hope you are feeling ok, and your ankle doesn't hurt too much... I'm glad your package arrived safely although it took the long route... yeah, I'm new to this so I wasn't sure how to send it and the post office didn't inform me... and yeah, I did look on our doll quilt page on how to send it... I guess I should've asked... =b well, now I know... I had fun making the quilt and searching for items to add and making the pillowcase! thanks for having a great blog to help me learn about you... =b

tisme said...

I am so glad you got some goodies while you were recuperating!!
And your mini quilt came!!! I got two wonderfully tatted turtles from Becky at the retreat and am stiffining them and making earrings.
She does wonderful tatting, doesn`t she!