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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working on a baby Gift

I'm so busy working on 3 swap quilts and these 2 mini's for a gift for one of my swappers who just became a Nana with twin babies!

This idea came from Tracy, I had posted a photo of Tracy's doll dress quilt. This Nana to be fell in love with it.

I should be able to finish these up tomorrow. The hard part is done, all the tiny stitches for the bonnets, kite and sailboat. I just need to quilt the quilts and tack all the fluff onto them!


Chris Worthy said...

You have such a talent!

Nicki Lee said...

OMG! I'm the Nana!!! I'm the Nana you made these adorable quilts for! Bea, I can't thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into these darling mini quilts for me - you have such a big heart and such wonderful talents.

Funny...I was complaining to myself the other day that I just haven't had the time to read all my favorite blogs..good thing I didn't or I would have seen this post - it certainly was a wonderful surprise to get them in the mail today.

Many many hugs!